Why It Matters – The June 27th Show

Why It Matters – The June 27th Show

Pizza Stoves vs John Kerry’s Jet


NYC now moving to ban wood-fired pizza ovens…but not private jets

ACWT Guest Mark Morano:

  • You’d have to burn a pizza stove 849 years to equal one year of John Kerry’s private jet

It’s time for Americans as a whole to wake up to AND REJECT the climate change scam

  • Fear and hysteria are NOT warranted by actual climate science
  • The political mission behind the alarmism is CONTROL of humanity, DENIAL of freedom

Mark Morano’s books and postings at Climate Depot represent an abundance of substantive data, scientific analysis, and critical thinking and reasoning dismantling the climate change hoax

üRead them yourself

üDo NOT defer to political hacks masquerading as ‘experts’

üThis subject IS understandable…

ü…and the only conclusion is to get off the climate alarmism bandwagon


Post-Truth Sexuality & the Sensuality Explosion


College Biology Professor loses his job for teaching  FACTS about X & Y chromosomes

Recent ‘pride’ parades in NYC, Boston, Seattle

  • We’re here, we’re queer, we’re coming for your children
  • Naked adults riding bicycles, interacting with children
  • Adults with no purpose for living beyond sexual obsession & gratification

The Left’s agenda has gone totally off the rails

ØSocietal intolerance of this moral depravity is not cruel – it’s positive sign

ØThere should be no need for legislation to ban this activity; it should disappear for lack of participants and lack of audience—i.e., nobody wants any part of it

We must reject not just the perverse sensuality obsession,

but attempts to redefine truth about life


The Censorship Industrial Complex


House Select Committee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government released an interim report yesterday saying:

DHS secreted their ongoing censorship operation – their “disinformation programs” –

within CISA – the Cybersecurity & Infrastructure  Security Agency, which ran their censorship and government surveillance operations on social media.

As public and private criticism grew, CISA outsourced their spying and censoring operations to third parties, colluded with Big Tech, and then attempted to hide what they were doing.

This is straight out suppression of the first amendment right to freedom of speech, unconstitutional censorship, and they knew it, which is why they tried to hide it.

It’s also a huge red flag about what leftists running America think their job is –

to control the people and manipulate what they believe is true.