Why It Matters – The June 27th Show

Why It Matters – The June 27th Show

SCOTUS “NO” to Citizen Census Q 

John Roberts is NOT a ‘balls and strikes” conservative justice.  The census decision was and is political.

A census question about citizenship would tell America the minimum number of people living in America illegally, and would impact federal dollars AND Congressional power/seats AND the Electoral College.

Counting illegals in census empowers American citizens.  Prohibiting the question on the census empowers Democrats.   


Border Mess: How We Got Here

        Americans are being played. The caravans are not spontaneous, innocent, huddled masses

        Overwhelming our border and our cities leads to chaos and ultimately, a surrender to amnesty

        Dems orchestrating border security weakness IS opposition to border security.  Advocacy for amnesty and moving millions toward citizenship is NOT about justice or fairness, it is about power. For Dems.

Caravans are at our border BECAUSE of Obama’s leftist ‘open borders’ agenda:

        DACA incentivized caravans

        Central Americans knew DACA would enable them

        Result was swamping the American border security system, the social services safety net, and eventually the electorate with new dependent voters

Trump is apparently the only elected official who sees this for what it is.


Deep State Deportation Sabotage  

Trump is battling an entire ruling class—the SWAMP is real.  Obama holdovers still ‘resist’ at high levels in nearly every agency.

The apparent sabotage of ICE raids by government officials is unconscionable and lawless.  It thwarts the policies of the person elected President by the American people AND the will of the American people.


Dem Debate Doozies  

        Dems are the party of Coastal Elites  – they know it!

        Dems are the party of absurdity: Abortion rights for men? (Transgender women)

        DEMS are the party of “Bribes”:  free healthcare, free college, free housing, a job for everyone

Ask your Dem friends: WHY can’t everything be free? 

These delusions are dependent on ignorant voters.

America MUST be smarter than to fall for this!!