Why It Matters – The June 28th Show

Why It Matters – The June 28th Show

Kari Lake Rolls Baier (& CNN, Too)


AZ Gov. candidate Kari Lake taking on national prominence

  • Former TV newscaster… unintimidated by agenda-driven ‘gotcha’ journalism
  • Fox News’ Bret Baier attempted a gotcha interview…SMACKED DOWN by Lake
  • Interview has gone viral (clip with Lake’s putdown of CNN reporter also viral)
  • Lake spoke boldly about election fraud in Arizona…with abundant evidence/’proof’
    • Directly confronted Baier/Fox for refusal to address election fraud

Viral interviews come and go, but Baier/Lake likely to have lasting and growing impact

  • Lake leading her race for Gov. by ≈20 pts in recent polling…she’s a force
  • Irrefutable election fraud evidence is piling up in AZ…and Arizonans know it
  • Lake’s words capture national mood and demand for TRUTH about 2020 election

Media ability to deny the stolen 2020 election is crumbling


Roe, Insurrections & Getting “Rights” Right


Roe decision fostered nearly 50 years of confusion about ‘rights’

  • “Rights” in America are understood as God-given in the Bill of Rights; to be protected by govt
  • No one has a ‘right’ to force someone else to do something for you…that is called slavery
  • There was never any ‘right’ to abortion in the Constitution; SCOTUS in Roe just made it up

Yet leftists urge defiance of SCOTUS…a true insurrection against American govt

Example for understanding ‘rights’— Woman complaining about doctor’s refusal to do ‘tubal ligation’ surgery as a violation of her ‘rights’

  • There is no constitutional right to surgery (just as no ‘right’ to abortion)
  • There is no ‘right’ to force a doctor to perform any surgery or procedure. In America the free…solution to one doctor’s refusal to do a legal procedure—find another doctor

Overturning Roe on grounds stated by SCOTUS is a right step

toward return to Constitutional governance of the Republic


J6Comm & FBI Assault on America


J6Comm (Witch Hunt) Show Trial still ongoing, with NO hallmarks of ‘due process’ or a ‘fair trial,’  but instead a single-purpose “how can we get Trump” mentality.

J6 ‘Committee’ makes a mockery of American justice, w/ FBI & DOJ now joining in the abuse

  • ‘Bust’ & seizure of all electronics of former DOJ official Jeff Clark appears purely political
  • Taking of phone of constitutional attorney John Eastman blatantly abusive of legal process
  • Home of Texas Couple who never entered the Capitol flash-banged and searched.
  • Death of former Sen. Sargent-at-Arms Michael Stenger sad and maybe suspect
  • WHY never any FBI/DOJ raids of Hunter Biden or Michael Sussman, or HRC?

Americans are increasingly alarmed by actions of the state. Loyalty to the constitution, to equal justice, and to blind, neutral and non-political law enforcement, ALL appear lacking.

MORE elected officials need to stand up and speak up