Why It Matters – The June 28th Show

Why It Matters – The June 28th Show

July 4th 2026 = 250 Years!


Trump is right to call for a YUGE celebration of 250th anniversary of July 4th…in 2026

ØAn aspirational goal of American renewal needed by all Americans

But make no mistake—

  • Whether there will be anything left of America worth celebrating…is an open question
  • Between now and then, America MUST accomplish a massive and unprecedented cleansing and purging of anti-American elements in EVERY part of the federal government
  • The cleansing and purging must be thorough, uncompromising and ruthless; akin to the decisive act of winning a war

The war is not R v. D.; it is America v. Not America

The war MUST be won


Trump/RFK, Jr. Ticket??


Anyone claiming affinity with today’s DEMs may be dangerously out of step with the times

ØToday’s DEMs are Marxists, communists, anti-American socialists


So the idea of a Trump/RFK ‘unity’ ticket is dubious, far-fetched….HOWEVER

RFK, Jr. deserves credit for outspoken courage

ØDenouncing the covid vaccines as unsafe and ineffective

ØCalling out the nefarious actions of the CIA

ØProclaiming, in facing threat of assassination, ‘some things are worse than dying’


RFK, Jr.’s past positions—especially re climate change—are too left-leaning to be electable

A Trump/RFK ticket seems unlikely, but lots of time for changes in circumstances


Election Corruption


Georgia received extensive written report confirming vulnerability of voting machines

ØBut went ahead with authorizing their use in 2024

Working-class Americans are witnessing real-time exposure of inexcusably weak politicians

ØThere is public distrust of election machinery

ØThere are demonstrated reasons/reports justifying public distrust

ØEveryone knows this, including politicians, but politicians won’t do anything about it

üAre they benefitting from the rigging?

üAre they being blackmailed?

üAre their donors controlling their decisions?

A.Probably yes to one or more, if not all three


Election corruption can only be fixed by the American people

There must be extraordinary grassroots political pressure