Why It Matters – The June 28th Show

Why It Matters – The June 28th Show

Trump Rally vs the POTUS Whisperer


Trump’s June 26th Ohio rally filled to capacity + enormous overflow crowd

America’s ruling class and the radical left will never get it:

Trump’s popularity is NOT about his personality; it’s about his message

Rally crowds are Americans of every race and ethnicity and economic background

Americans love their country and their freedom

They are disgusted with the divisive, hate-filled, disparaging rhetoric and policies coming out of the Biden administration

Meanwhile Joe Biden is whispering (!) at press appearances…weird, creepy, ridiculous

The ruling class insists Joe Biden got 80 million votes because they hate Trump

Trump rallies, and Biden whisperings…paint a different picture


Biden’s BIG Policies Bombing in Polls


Even a Harvard-commissioned poll can’t escape American realities…

Large majorities of Americans—

  • Very concerned with lax border security by Biden administration
  • Unhappy with Biden administration encouragement of illegal immigration
  • Alarmed by increase in crime, and do not support Biden administration attitudes re defunding police, blaming guns

Democrat mayoral primary in NYC: winner = pro-police Eric Adams; loser = AOC endorsed

Biden administration is plainly governing against the will of the American people

Did Biden really receive 80+ million votes?


Biden’s Racialist Order 


Biden ordering CRT/race-based training throughout government

Turning away from any emphasis on merit

            Rejecting MLK’s standard of ‘content of character’ in favor of physical characteristics

There is absolutely nothing good that will come out of race-obsessed policies

Is there anyone who wants a pilot, surgeon, lawyer, engineer, plumber, electrician, etc., etc., chosen without top priority regard for merit in the relevant skill/experience set?

Americans are seeing through the radical left’s agenda re CRT/’racialism’

It’s not offered honestly and in good faith as an improvement to American culture

It seeks the destruction of American culture


Gwen Berry & Representing America


Athletes have every right to their opinion and the right to express it

They have no right or reason to expect to be free of criticism when they do so…

…because every American has the right to an opinion and the right to express it

The expectation that the USA Olympic team should proudly represent America is

nothing more than common sense…it is the USA Olympic team!

It is possible to maintain pride in America without claiming America is perfect

THAT has always been the basis for saluting the flag and respecting the anthem

The radical left’s anti-American hatred is poisoning everything

USA Olympic Team organizers shouldn’t be afraid to insist on basic patriotism

If you won’t honor the USA flag, why are you on a USA team?