Why It Matters – The June 29th Show

Why It Matters – The June 29th Show

Weakened Navy: Vulnerable America


  • Number of operational Navy warships is declining
  • Recent history of open water collisions suggests training lapses
  • Woke-ism flooding the ranks with confusion (drag queen hours at Nellis AFB?)

All of this presents great danger to America

Not just as a matter of operational readiness

But far more important…as a matter of motivation and morale

When American troops fight for American ideals, they are formidable…nearly unbeatable

When motivation becomes obscured by moral confusion…they are weakened

The US military remains very formidable in terms of equipment and weapons

                      But there is urgent work to be done to restore focus and morale


Kamala & Border Balderdash 


  • VP had no plans to visit US/Mexico border until after Trump announced a visit
  • VP’s ‘visit’ was to El Paso, which is ~800 miles from the serious border security problems
  • The Biden administration is not acting to strengthen border security…

because they want open borders

  • VP’s attention to border concerns is feigned; it is fake…and the American people know it

Dem. Congressman from Texas keeps calling out the Biden administration policies

Cuellar knows that open borders are NOT playing well with his constituents

It’s not playing well anywhere in America

The American awakening is happening faster and more broadly than the Deep State can handle

This is good news for the preservation of America