Why It Matters – The June 29th Show

Why It Matters – The June 29th Show

Tina Peters & The Price of the Fight


Mesa County, CO Clerk Tina Peters exposed the complete fraud of voting machines in a local election (learn the details via previous ACWT interview)

…Public Enemy #1 ever since to those who orchestrate the steal of elections

  • Indicted for arranging for a data backup
  • Jailed with original bail demand of $500K
  • Fed agents induced mentally disabled husband to sign divorce papers…while she was in jail
  • Peters chose to run as GOP’er for Colorado Secy of State v. Soros-funded incumbent
  • Opposed in GOP primary by Pam Anderson, allegedly involved with Zuckerberg election activities
  • Peters led in polls (at 47%); finished third in election results; Anderson ‘wins’

Bogus narrative is all about voters tired of talk of stolen elections + Peters was ‘indicted’!!!

Ridding America of rigged elections may be comparable to ridding America of slavery

Battle will be long and arduous and painful…but it must be won

Tina Peters is an American hero…the tip of the spear fighting fraud


J6 Inquisition Comm presses on


J6 Comm rolled out 25 year old Meadows staffer Cassidy Hutchison to testify—solely on the basis of second or third level hearsay—that Trump tried to grab the steering wheel of the Presidential limousine to take him to the Capitol on January 6

  • Hutchison testimony immediately refuted by actual Secret Service agents on duty at the time
  • Transparent ‘get Trump at all costs’ motivation is making the J6 Comm a laughingstock to sentient American adults everywhere…but J6 Comm presses on

Next up for J6 Comm:  harassment of Ginni Thomas—wife of Clarence Thomas—for having encouraged Mark Meadows to stand up and fight concerns about election fraud

  • Determined to enforce ‘no questioning of 2020 election’
  • Side goal to impugn Clarence Thomas

Politics ain’t beanbag’ – but J6 Comm is vicious, lawless and anti-American

and should be shut down


Why Hillary Attacks Justice Thomas


HRC claims Thomas has been a ‘person of grievance’ since law school days

Leftist memes call him ‘Uncle Thomas’


  • Clarence Thomas has NEVER towed the leftist/liberal line on race or anything else

He refuses to ‘stay on the plantation’

  • Openly denounces liberal policies as destructive to black Americans (NY Post op-ed)
  • Leading re 2A; cutting judicial policy-making; even questioning ‘actual malice’ standard that has shielded media from accountability for unscrupulous, smear-oriented journalism
  • Thomas appears to be the de facto Chief Justice of SCOTUS…man of towering character

Clarence Thomas is a living refutation of liberal orthodoxy re race

HRC/leftist leaders fear Thomas…because he is effective


Cornyn for the Assist on CRT Agenda


Texas’ US Senator John Cornyn…

  • Led passage of ‘red flag’ gun control laws after Uvalde
  • Now urging passage of “Civics Secures Democracy Act” – more govt grants to schools, allegedly to better teach civics to ‘underserved’ communities…but viewed as a Trojan Horse for CRT

Cornyn’s actions reek of life lived entirely inside the Beltway Bubble

…Apparently does not believe the left is at war with America

The left won’t really take away guns

The left won’t really impose CRT on public schools

Biden really did receive 81 million votes

Ukraine really is a cradle of upstanding democracy

Cornyn is wildly out of touch with his Texas constituents and the American mood

Seems to believe that is because his constituents are hysterical and don’t understand how govt knows best

And that’s why he got booed at Texas GOP convention