Why It Matters – The June 29th Show

Why It Matters – The June 29th Show

GET WOKE – To America’s Identity


The Declaration of Independence set America on a once-in-human-history course

  • All men and women created equal, by God
  • All endowed by God with inalienable rights to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness
  • Government exists to protect these rights, and otherwise mostly stay out of the way

The Declaration preceded the Constitution by 13 years; the Declaration set the tone

            Limit Government; maximize individual freedom

We are now in a cultural civil war for the future of America

America as founded and envisioned by the Declaration? OR

America as another failed effort of godless totalitarianism

                 The choice is that stark; it is not about politics as usual

            Cherish the Declaration of Independence; Cherish this 4th of July!


November Ballot – Five Freedom Issues


America MUST vote to reclaim her culture and way of life in November

Everything is at stake

  1. Systemic suppression of free speech

Threats against Trump yard signs? Silencing reference to the Judeo-Christian       foundation of America?

  1. Defunding police leads to mob rule

Every man and woman to fend for themselves (St. Louis couple)?

Private security forces instead of police (Minneapolis city council)?

  1. Communist takeover disguised as ‘race war’

Black Americans aren’t driving the riots; white leftist liberals are, and are using blacks

  1. Covid crushing Constitutional freedoms
    • 15-day ‘flatten the curve’ now >3 months; data on lower lethality ignored or suppressed

Dems want Trump rallies stopped; Biden shielded from exposure; no debates

  • EVERYTHING about the continuing fear pandemic is about politics, not public health
  1. America’s heritage erased
    • Destroying statues is what the Taliban does; it’s what every tyrannical movement does…

…Get rid of history; make everything about the nowness of new power


                        November 2020: Preserve America or Destroy America


Biden Beating Trump?


Late June 1988 – Dem Michael Dukakis UP 18 POINTS over George H.W. Bush

Late June 2016 – Dem Hillary Clinton UP 12 POINTS over Donald Trump

Late June 2020 – Dem Joe Biden UP 14 POINTS over Donald Trump

Don’t buy any MSM poll, including Fox or the WSJ

  • Constantly oversampling Democrats in polling
  • They lie constantly to get rid of Trump; there is no reason to trust anything they report
  • Yes, they are also capable of making up polling results

If Americans understand the stakes in 2020, it won’t matter to anyone whether they like or do not like the personality of Trump…Democrats do NOT condemn any of the riots or destruction or mob rule or covid confinement

                        Donald Trump is the only choice for preserving America…