Why It Matters – The June 2nd Show

Why It Matters – The June 2nd Show

Epic TikTok Video Puts the Lie to CRT

Heart-melting video message from young black father/daughter cuts to the core of CRT–

  • There is no love in critical race theory
  • There is only the fomenting of division and suspicion and hatred
  • Children’s innocence naturally embraces and gives voice to truth

Hatred and bigotry are not native to children; they result from wrong teaching

Critical race theory is poison at any school, at any level

America’s founding ideals—biblically grounded—form the right foundation for civil society

All men and women created equal by one Creator

All endowed with inalienable rights by one Creator—to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness

The necessary conclusion of American ideals: 

                        Content of character matters; skin color/group identity doesn’t


Kamala – New Czar of Voting Rights?

Biden appoints Harris as ‘czar’ for protection of voting rights

After her performance as ‘czar’ for border security???

Election integrity initiatives are ridiculously mis-characterized

Requiring voter ID is a matter of common sense at the most basic level

To imply that minority voting is suppressed because minorities can’t get an ID…

…this is monumentally insulting to minorities; it is the worst of true racism

“Easy to vote, hard to cheat” ought to be embraced by all who value democracy

Harris’ track record is to ‘racialize’ everything…

            …Americans are fed up with being impugned as racist

Harris is likely to fail, again