Why It Matters – The June 2nd Show

Why It Matters – The June 2nd Show

Jihad in Corpus Christi, Texas


Never forget the ‘Red-Green Axis’ – Marxists/leftists allied with Islamists against America

  • Minnesota’s Muslim AG Keith Ellison decides he will prosecute Floyd case

…As Ellison’s son proclaims support of Antifa

Near total media silence on jihadi attack on US Naval Air Station in Corpus Christi

  • Armed guard with bulletproof vest killed jihadist before far worse attack
  • Jihadi had an open public ‘resume’ of hatred of America and infidels

Marxists/leftists hate America and seek its destruction; so do Islamists

  • They do NOT care in the slightest about minorities or the poor…they are actively destroying the businesses and neighborhoods of minorities and the poor

Good news: the MASKS are off these people and their ideology

Identifying the enemy is the beginning of defeating the enemy


Conservative (?) SCOTUS Wobbling


SCOTUS’ recent rulings

  • Allow covid restrictions on church attendance to stand, ignoring First Amendment
  • Allow Idaho prison system to be forced to pay for transgender surgery for a prisoner
  • Allow release of violent felons as part of coronavirus response

These are not the rulings of a conservative or a morally courageous SCOTUS

American patriots in US institutions must not cave to fatigue from fighting leftism

SCOTUS’ slip-sliding into leftist accommodation is weak and will invite more leftist litigation

Getting tough in support of American ideals is the demand of the times

Trump gets it; Barr gets it

Do enough Americans still get it?