Why It Matters – The June 30th Show

Why It Matters – The June 30th Show

Supreme Court Abortion Decision


SCOTUS decision invalidating Louisiana law imposing medical accreditation standards on abortion facilities…just another testimony to the smallness of John Roberts

  • Roberts voted (in a dissent) just four years ago that a nearly identical Texas law WAS constitutional, but now says stare decisis compels striking down this Louisiana law.
  • Roberts was unprincipled in upholding Obamacare; pure political engineering without regard to the rule of law. He seems driven by a raw desire to be in step with contemporary Beltway wisdom, and shows a willingness to use legal sophistry as the means to justify the end

Stare decisis does NOT eliminate the obligation of a Supreme Court justice to follow the Constitution.

REAL test will be when Roe vs Wade is challenged directly


NYC Defunds Police by $1B


Only in a leftist mind does defunding the NYPD result in anything good for anyone in NYC

Every resident of NYC—of every skin color, gender or ethnicity—will be less safe

Every resident of NYC with the means to make a choice, will likely leave

  • Only in ivory towers of philosophy can social workers perform the function of police

In the real world, this is a prescription for chaos, not order

  • Human flaws of anger, hatred, coveting, and envy do not disappear because of

shifting police funding to youth basketball and other social programs

  • Police are not perfect, but THIS rebellion against the police is really a Marxist-led rebellion against the American foundation of law and order

Bill DeBlasio is a delusional leftist

NYC is paying a huge price for electing him


Dems: July 4th/Mt. Rushmore IS White Supremacy 


Democrat Party tweet derides Trump’s 4th of July-related trip to Mt. Rushmore as a ‘celebration of white supremacy’

Americans MUST recognize what this message says (though tweet was later taken down)

about the thinking of today’s Democrat Party

  • America’s founding was all about white supremacy
  • The remedy is to tear down America and its Declaration of Independence
  • This is what Dems stand for; this is what they will do; this is what is at stake

President Trump is the ONLY American leader standing firm and clear in opposition to the destruction of America. Whether you like his personality or not, the destroy-America alternative means lawlessness and loss of freedom descending on America