Why It Matters – The June 3rd Show

Why It Matters – The June 3rd Show

DeBlasio Defends Rioters Not Churches


  • NYC Mayor Bill DeBlasio has been relentless and absolute about restricting the ability of churches to conduct services; he has been unusually blunt in calling out Jewish people who have not adhered to his coronavirus rules
  • In the face of riots causing major destruction and loss of life in NYC, he is calling rioters ‘protesters’ and justifying the riots based on “400 years of racism”
  • DeBlasio’s mindset will NEVER restore law and order to NYC, which is why even a fellow Democrat, Governor Andrew Cuomo, is talking about taking over….
  • Crises reveal the character of leaders…and Bill DeBlasio is failing the test

Americans are witnessing what happens with leftists in charge

Their moral compass for right vs wrong is unhinged, or absent


It’s a Coup, Not a Protest


Riots are not protests; and these riots were never about George Floyd—they were and are pre-planned and pre-funded anarchy that used Floyd as a trigger

  • Where was the FBI as Antifa built out its anti-American terrorist organization?

The riots are George Soros’ sponsored efforts to overthrow the Constitution

  • AG Barr finally named Soros and his election meddling with DA positions all over the country as an intended assault on American law and order
  • Rogue Soros-funded DA’s who refuse to distinguish between a peaceful protester and a destructive rioter are sabotaging the rule of law and feeding the chaos
  • Elected officials who can’t or won’t make the distinction between protester and rioter are not up to the job; President Trump may have to
  • The Insurrection Act exists for a reason—that reason may have arrived