Why It Matters – The June 4th Show

Why It Matters – The June 4th Show

Trump Verdict & Pearl Harbor


The real ‘wake up’ from the Pearl Harbor attack of December 7, 1941:

1.America has a real enemy who intends to do us harm

2.We have no option but to fight and defeat this enemy


The Trump ‘show trial’ verdict shows signs of delivering the same WAKE UP

  • Radical leftist Biden cabal is a real enemy intent on destroying America as founded
  • The American people have no option but to get engaged, fight and defeat this enemy

ØPearl Harbor spawned Yamamoto’s famous fear of having awakened the ‘sleeping giant’

ØTrump verdict has awakened the American people…and they—not the ruling class—are the sleeping giant

Post-verdict pushback is huge, accelerating and spreading

Donations to Trump skyrocketing…The American People have had enough


Casablanca Film Instructs Us Today


Casablanca among the all-time favorite American movies

  • Simple but profound and noble symbolism and messaging throughout

Victor Laslo stepped up to lead the French national anthem to drown out the Germans

  • The vast majority of “Rick’s” patrons hated the Nazis…but sat and watched…until
  • One man stood up…and all the rest then joined the singing

Resisting and defeating today’s leftist tyranny requires many Laslos on many subjects



Xi Van Fleet & Tiananmen Square Massacre 


ACWT favorite Xi Van Fleet draws attention to the purpose and effect of communist methods

  • Revise or erase history…such as Tiananmen Square massacre
  • Prohibit any mention of it


ØOver time, upcoming generations have no knowledge of prior resistance/rebellion

ØA cultural norm of submission and silent suffering takes hold

ØHuman yearning for liberty is suppressed/distorted

Leftist assault on American statues/cancellation of heroes is communism in action in 2024

BUT, America’s birthright is liberty…

the spirit of resistance to tyranny is alive and growing


Winning my RNC RACE – Thank You!


To all viewers/listeners/supporters/delegates:  THANK YOU!

  • Speaking truth from the heart…with love for America…unites us as nothing else
  • Solid victory was and is truly heartwarming and humbling


  • Not officially ‘in office’ til after GOP National Convention in July…but getting ready….
  • Tune in for Thursday’s interview of Texas RNC Committeeman Dr. Robin Armstrong!

…and expect further shows and interviews focused on RNC action in Texas

All-in to Save America!


Pride in America Month


‘Pride Month’ has gone too far, and the pushback has begun

Idaho bar announces “Heterosexual Awesomeness Month”…and won’t back down

1.“We love our LGBTQ+ patrons”

2.“We will not be changing our mind and give into the group of those who are responding with vitriol”

3.“ALL are welcome to come celebrate heterosexuality with us in June!”

Basic American ethos has always been ‘live and let live’

…but ‘pride’ and ‘celebration’ of sexual habits violates that ethos

Time for Pride in America month—focused on achievement and nobility

Honoring individuals, not groups