Why It Matters – The June 4th Show

Why It Matters – The June 4th Show

GOP Convention Where?


Dem Governor of North Carolina won’t assure GOP of right to conduct convention free of social distancing or masks

President Trump is right to cancel and move it from NC

  • Pandemic shutdown has gone long enough; covid is fading, but politicians love the power
  • People of Charlotte deserve Governor’s answer to why it was necessary to drive GOP out

Let’s hear the science, Governor, not the fear-continuation blather

Convention location kerfuffle pales in comparison to out-of-control rioting, but same frustration is mounting with imperial Governors who will not restore freedom to law-abiding citizens, while assuring free reign to destructive, law-breaking rioters


America at War: What’s the ‘Right’ Side?


All Americans must see through the fog…this is NOT about black vs. white

It is NOT a race war…but evil forces are baiting Americans into believing otherwise

This is long-planned for leftist war against America and the Constitution

  • There is no positive leftist vision for ending this war; the aim is destruction
  • Leftists want the destruction of freedom and destruction of equality before the law
  • Demanding white people to get on their knees and apologize is straight out of a totalitarian playbook–think Nazi Germany and other communist purges—it is

communist totalitarianism masquerading under the guise of BLM

Millions of decent American men and women of every race and ethnicity KNOW

what’s right about America and what’s WRONG about these riots



TX Shutdown and Contact Tracing Battle Heats Up


Texas Governor’s re-opening has been unjustifiably slow; now accompanied by a $300M ‘voluntary’ contact tracing program not approved by the Texas legislature

Opposition from the Texas ‘spirit’ has erupted in public; demands to cancel contact tracing

  • Texas doctors say no “science” to claims of efficacy, even with 100% participation
  • True ‘voluntary’ participation will mean far less than 100%; gutting even the possibility

of efficacy…which is why critics believe it will become mandatory

  • Power to order the quarantining of people is effectively putting them under

house arrest based on amorphous ‘data’ about possible infection

This is an egregious violation of the right to liberty; it is an atrocious invasion of privacy

Contact tracing programs might fit with an Andromeda Strain killer virus

                 They are wildly inappropriate for the fading coronavirus