Why It Matters – The June 5th Show

Why It Matters – The June 5th Show

Surgeon General’s Plan to Control Everyone in America


SG announces ‘Advisory’ plan to combat loneliness, social dysfunction, etc. thru govt…

  • NEVER indulge this nonsense as compassionate or in any way the role of secular govt

This is the trojan horse of atheism attempting to displace God and faith in America

  • How does a govt that embraces CRT define compassion?
  • How does a govt that believes ‘white supremacy’ is the #1 threat teach brotherhood?
  • How does a govt that pushes trans insanity promote mental health?

SG’s ‘advisory’ can become an eventual ‘feeder’ of data for social credit scoring—

  ’Did you attend your govt anti-loneliness program?’

Govt cannot reach or repair the soul…govt cannot heal

The Founding Fathers understood why govt’s role should be limited

Govt’s role is protect God-given individuality and rights…

not to redefine or ‘reset’ them


Tiananmen Massacre Anniversary & How Freedom Dies


34th Anniversary of Tiananmen massacre a STARK reminder and warning

CCP has ordered that no one in China can comment anywhere in any form on what occurred on that day…effectively decreeing that people shall not be free to think or speak about what the govt did that day

This is pure totalitarianism

But what about America under the Biden cabal?

ØBanning social medial posts about rigged 2020 election…or about covid vaccine alternatives

ØAttempting the creation of a Disinformation Board to sanction/silence political opposition

ØBanning assembly at churches but permitting strip clubs to remain open during covid

Freedom is precious…it depends on freedom of speech, religion and assembly

Americans MUST re-learn the value of freedom and RESTORE IT


J6 : Pelosi Exposed Yet John Strand Sentenced


Renewed attention on Pelosi’s J6 exit from the Capitol just reminds all Americans:

  • Pelosi’s daughter had been brought in to assure documentary-style filming…WHY?
  • Pelosi refused Trump’s request for additional troops to protect the Capitol…WHY?
  • Over 40 Fed agents now acknowledged by FBI to have been involved on J6…WHY?
  • Capitol doors had been opened from the inside…WHY?

No J6 protester was armed…and the only death on J6 was an unarmed female protester

WHY does the MSM persist with a patently false J6 ‘insurrection’ narrative?

WHY do DC prosecutors persist with brazenly obvious persecution by prosecution?

John Strand sentenced by DC judge just last week to 32 months in prison

Strand did absolutely NOTHING wrong…he was inside the Capitol because permitted to enter by police authorities…he did nothing violent…he entered and left w/o incident

This travesty of justice…built on lie after lie after lie…cannot be sustained

Men and women of conscience MUST rise to denounce it and reverse it


America Wants to Know What Women Are


Matt Walsh’s/Daily Wire’s documentary “What is a Woman?” exposes leftist moral idiocy

Musk’s “New” Twitter announced “What is a Woman?” documentary would air on Twitter

  • “Old” Twitter execs then banned it
  • Musk overruled old execs…at least one of whom immediately resigned
  • Musk used his own Twitter account to link/show the documentary

As of earlier today….”What is a Woman?” has received over 170 million views

…that is:  170 million views

The American people are bristling against censorship…rebelling against leftist ideologies

Bud Light and Target appear mortally wounded…trans insanity is NOT winning

Stay in the fight…Truth will prevail