Why It Matters – The June 6th Show

Why It Matters – The June 6th Show

What if D-Day was TODAY?


Average age of D-Day troops:  19 years old

NOBODY believes America today has enough 19 year olds willing to take the cliffs of Normandy to defend freedom

The calling of this era:

ØUnderstand anew the rarity and blessing of human freedom under God

ØUnderstand…it is this rarity and blessing under God that:

üAssures that it is always under attack by atheism, godlessness

üRequires that it be defended fiercely

ØLeftist ideology is the antithesis of human freedom under God; it is anti-American


America’s warriors today don’t face the bullets and bombs of the German Army

They face the mockery of leftist mobs if they stand and speak up for truth and America

Mental clarity and moral courage in Patriots…that’s the need


Comey: Insane OR Sinister?


Former FBI Director James Comey speaks….AFTER release of the Durham Report

  • Comey dismissed obviously criminal conduct by HRC
  • Comey personally insisted on the filing of FRAUDULENT FISA warrants to spy on Trump
  • Comey knew Russia collusion was a made up hoax from the outset…and pursued it


ØComey dismisses concerns about bias and impropriety at the FBI under his watch

ØComey now worries about a weaponized FBI if Trump is re-elected


Comey’s comments are far beyond merely hypocritical

Is he actually mentally deranged, insane?  Or is he diabolical in his willingness to lie?

Trump Derangement Syndrome seems to be a real thing

All because Trump is beyond the Deep State’s ability to control


DOJ & Swamp Taking Down Trump

All signs point to imminent indictment of Trump over Mar-A-Lago document handling

  • Maybe about classification…but probably about vague theory of ‘obstruction’

Simple comparison to Biden’s possession of documents shows stunning FBI bias, even fraud

  • Biden was VP at the time…didn’t even have authority to declassify (as Trump did)
  • Biden had documents in multiple unsecured locations…nobody disputes Mar-A-Lago security
  • Biden docs seem to be linked to CCP funding of UPenn Center

And the Biden bribery case is even more stark…yet the FBI is still protecting Biden

Deep State determination to take out Trump knows no bounds

Fixation on removing Trump as a presidential candidate for 2024

But every transparently bogus lawfare tactic…makes the American people rally more to Trump

Deep State’s lies are past the saturation point…Americans see through dishonest motives and acts

A summer of heavy turmoil ahead