Why It Matters – The June 6th Show

Why It Matters – The June 6th Show

When Bravery was Real: D-day 78 years ago


D-Day forever stands as a hallmark of Western Civilization’s grit and determination and sacrifice

EVERYTHING was at stake, and American, Canadian and British soldiers stormed the beaches

  • Success NOT guaranteed
  • Massive death was a certainty, known to everyone participating
  • But Western Civilization’s leaders and citizens understood what was at stake
    • There was no other choice; Nazism HAD TO BE DEFEATED

America in 2022 is facing the same stakes – the illegitimate cabal running the country is hellbent on destroying every vestige of what has made America great…it is communism running amok

  • But American leaders—especially GOP—seem unwilling or unable to see the danger and rise to the occasion



Buttigieg Spills BIG BAD Beans


Pete Buttigieg spelled out the goal with ABC’s Stephanopoulos

Make more Americans fearful of…

  • Disease – covid, monkeypox, the ‘next’ thing
  • Economic collapse
  • Out of control gas prices
  • Food shortages

…So that Americans will embrace government dependency…accept totalitarian control

Buttigieg is unfamiliar with the American spirit

He may be about to learn


Texas HS “Field Trip”: Gay strip joint


Breaking story over the weekend now being ‘disappeared’ online ???

Texas HS volleyball coach takes students to gay strip joint…at which he is performing

Parents find out too late

Whether labeled ‘grooming’ or not, the fact is that too many public school education/educators are completely unmoored from Judeo-Christian morality

  • The left says this is inclusiveness and progress
  • Americans say it is degeneracy that leads to societal rot and rampant criminality

Sensualism run amok leads to nothing good


Rule of Law Collapse:  

Sussman Walks & Navarro in Leg Irons


Sussman jury knew that the FBI wasn’t even remotely duped…essentially, the FBI could not be lied to over what it already knew was true (and was facilitating)

  • HRC cooked up the Russia collusion hoax…there was never any evidence to back it up…and everyone involved was attempting to engineer a coup against the duly elected President
  • 2020 and January 6th commission are all about DEM projection
    • Chief Trade advisor to Trump put in leg irons as part of contempt citation?
    • Obama AG Holder also cited for contempt…never faced any consequences
    • America is in deep and dark trouble; this is banana republic stuff

Durham is at a pivotal crossroads:

  • Every sentient, intelligent observer (even Bill Barr) knows at the core of the Russia collusion hoax was a seditious coup plot; it was and is treason; and the punishment for treason is known

What will Durham do next?