Why It Matters – The June 7th Show

Why It Matters – The June 7th Show

Migrant Caravans are Political Weapons


Massive assembled migrant caravan groups are not spontaneous, random occurrences

  • They are an organized part of the leftist plan to take down America

Latest caravan assembling in Central America—

  • A Haitian migrant says: Biden must keep his promises: end Title 42; offer full asylum

What are Biden’s promises to the American people? 

Kamala Harris announces $1.9B to Central America to aid in fighting climate change

What could $1.9B be used for in the USA?

Policies of the Biden/Harris leftist cabal are MOCKING the real needs of America and Americans

day after day…week after week…month after month

How long will Americans put up with this?


Recalling Soros Funded Enemies of America


San Francisco DA Chesa Boudin facing recall…impatience with lawlessness…even in San Francisco

Los Angeles DA George Gascon may also be recalled

Boudin (son of Weatherman/Black Liberation Army activists; named after convicted cop-killer)

and Gascon are products of Soros’-funded strategy to achieve leftist control of law enforcement

  • Soros seeks to engineer a society devoid of the Ten Commandments as the baseline of law and order

Leftist DA’s are on the side of criminals

  • Results are catastrophic to all citizens…crime rates spiking up; lawlessness hurts everyone

Tragic irony in the Bible’s answer to Soros’ hatred of biblical values:  ‘you reap what you sow

Citizens of SF and LA are seeing real-time evidence of the reaping:  will they rise up and stop the sowing?


CENSUS as Political Weapon


US Census Bureau just one more completely corrupted federal agency

  • Refused President Trump’s request to distinguish citizens from non-citizens in census count
  • Now revealed to have made ‘mistakes’ in 2020 census—
    • Overcounted Democrat ‘blue’ states
    • Undercounted more conservative ‘red’ states

Why do all federal agency ‘mistakes’ seem always to favor leftist political power?

The DC Beltway:  a cesspool of unaccountable bureaucrats utterly disdainful of the American people

Draining the swamp will take generations


School Shooting and Gun Battle Raging


Stories abound where lawful gun-owners SAVE lives and prevent mass shootings…

…but leftist media will not cover them

Something smells in Uvalde—

  • Answers/timelines keep shifting
  • Excuses for police inaction don’t ring true
  • Handcuffing parents who want to save their children’s lives?
  • The new police chief goes into hiding? And won’t cooperate with investigators?

Americans have lost all faith in the integrity of law enforcement…and in govt itself

Too many liars; too many lies

‘We the People’ must force a radical course correction