Why It Matters – The June 7th Show

Why It Matters – The June 7th Show

D-Day + 77 Years


  • Honoring D-Day – June 6, 1944 – has slipped…observances more scattered, less publicized
  • Courage and sacrifice to defeat evil are still required

The stakes in 2021 are as high as they were in the 1940’s

Naziism, and totalitarian Marxism, are not different in their antipathy to America and freedom

  • The courage and sacrifice of today doesn’t involve soldiers and guns and taking cliffs
    • Requires standing up for the rightness of American ideals in the face of mockery, cancel culture, weak churches and pastors, and twitter mobs
    • Requires resisting the radical left agenda emanating from the Beltway
      • Especially the ‘racializing’ of everything, and the censorship of truth
    • Requires intelligence and discernment to recognize communist China

for the aggressive and mortal threat to freedom that it is


NYC Yale Psychiatrist – “Kill the Whites”


  • This woman speaks of ‘the whites’ ‘the whites’ ‘the whites’…

…as if she lives in South Africa under apartheid

  • This is what Yale defends under ‘academic freedom’
  • She wants her full lecture publicized; she’s proudly cancelled all her white friends
  • This is the poison of decades of unresisted anti-American leftism

Is there anyone anywhere who believes this attitude will lead to anything good?

Americans must reclaim their culture; speak up for Truth

‘All men (and women) are created equal’


Neiman Marcus and Defending America Today


  • Blatant virtue signaling at very high end retailer…photo-ops with pro-BLM mural

….assuaging ‘white guilt’?

  • National Geographic editor-in-chief signs off on letter to subscribers:

“Race card:  White, privileged, with much to learn”

  • Elitists everywhere claim America’s founding ideals are outdated or outgrown

…they are not, and they never will be

…but they must be retaught and re-learned

Even Neiman Marcus shoppers MUST push back against woke-ism