Why It Matters – The June 8th Show

Why It Matters – The June 8th Show

Chesa Stomped: Sanity Prevailed


Radical leftist SF District Attorney recalled by over 60% of the vote

Even progressive San Francisco finds out-of-control crime intolerable

More deaths in SF from fentanyl overdoses than from covid

  • DA Boudin prosecuted ZERO fentanyl-dealing criminals

(predecessor prosecuted 90 cases in ’19)

Radical leftist prosecutorial theory:

  • Solution to two-tiered justice system that is unfair to the poor=>ignore crimes by the poor

                        This leads to an explosion of crime that affects everyone

Conservative “American: prosecutorial theory:

  • Enforce law and order

…while teaching the path and virtues necessary to rise from poverty


J6 Show Trials – Mules Already Won, Dems Clueless


Beltway bubble appears to prevent J6 Committee from having even a clue about the state

of Americans’ knowledge of 2020 election fraud

  • 2000 Mules has been widely viewed; has changed Democrats’ minds about 2020 election

J6 Committee hired a TV/producer to literally present a ‘show trial’ this coming Thursday

….as if a show trial over January 6th can overcome America’s complete rejection of Joe Biden

as an illegitimate President imposing a destroy-America agenda never consented to by Americans

J6 show trial likely to be a colossal backfire on J6 Committee and Dems

As Dinesh D’Souza captured:  the 2020 election was clearly stolen, and

January 6th was America’s ‘primal scream’ of protest


“Child-Friendly Dallas Drag Show”?

There is No Such Thing


Drag shows, drag queen story hours, gay bars, strip clubs…

  • NONE are child-friendly; NONE are healthy for children

More and more reports of schools/teachers encouraging students to attend these

  • Should never be the province of govt schools to sexually groom children
  • Parents should never be goaded into toleration of moral rot as ‘open-minded’
  • Parents have every right to object to teaching that undermines morality and family

Such parents are not domestic terrorists…they are loving parents

Staying silent in the face of state-sponsored moral decay is not an option

Get engaged to turn America around!


Biden Power Grab – Climate Fear-Mongering


Biden invoking Defense Production Act to move faster toward ‘greener’ energy

  • Leveraging climate alarmism to achieve totalitarian leftist control of America

Don’t buy climate alarmism

  • CO2 is generally healthy for the environment
  • Cherry-picked data from cherry-picked locations prove nothing
  • Alarmist predictions are not coming true—e.g., severe storms are DECLINING

Fear porn is being brandished everywhere by Biden cabal to impose submission/serfdom

  • Refuse to be bullied by such obvious tactics: pandemic hysteria; climate hysteria

Americans do not panic and do not run from problems

Americans inform themselves, then create and innovate solutions to problems