Why It Matters – The June 8th Show

Why It Matters – The June 8th Show

Defunding Police Solves Criminal Rampages?


Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA…now looks like a war zone

Protests of police brutality are justified, and transformative when peaceful

Looting, bombing, and burning hurt innocent people; they are NOT protests

Given the obvious difference between peaceful protests and destructive rioting…

…only anti-American lunatics can argue for dismantling law enforcement

Civilization itself depends on the rule of law; it is the foundation of civil order

Calling it ‘community-based justice’ instead of ‘police’ will not change the function          that must be performed…and if it is not performed, chaos is the only possible result

                                    Hysteria will never promote progress

                        Basic building blocks of civilization will never change

   The Left has no vision of what’s better; its mission is to destroy America


Systemic Racism Perspectives


Listen to Larry Elder, Candace Owens and Heather MacDonald

  • Do not buy the ‘systemic racism’ narrative; shouting does not equal evidence
  • Painstaking data analysis has shown the opposite of systemic racism in America

Candace Owens’ video has had 70+ million views – the MSM combined doesn’t have that

That suggests there is a huge segment of America that isn’t on board with the

‘systemic racism’ hysteria and the relentlessly deceptive MSM narratives about race       and police

The MSM silence as to black former police captain David Dorn, murdered by rioters, is the ‘tell’ that this is not about concern for blacks and black communities

It is about leftist agitation toward anarchy and the overthrow of America under the Constitution


BLM, Antifa: Marxist, Not American


BLM doesn’t hide its agenda: read the BLM website!

Supports the ‘queering’ of society

Favors dismantling ‘the patriarchy’—meaning the nuclear family structure

The village should raise the child

Supports abortion (which is the No.1 killer of black Americans)

Black lives do matter; but BLM is straight-out anti-American Marxism

Antifa is quintessential leftwing projection – Claiming to be anti-fascism while ordering everyone as to what they can and cannot say, think or do—which is fascism!

Americans must not be confused or misled; there is nothing positive or constructive—for blacks or whites or browns or anyone else—about the activities of BLM or Antifa


If We Must be Tribal…


Americans must reject the tribalism of identity politics

  • We must not allow ourselves to be defined by physical characteristics we did not choose

If Americans are to be tribal, be tribal around American ideals—

  • Unalienable rights from God, at birth
  • Rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness as individuals
  • All men and women are created equal (and deserving of dignity and respect)
  • Rights belong to the individual, not to any group as a group

‘Content of character’ matters to responsibility, merit and progress

Skin color and other physical characteristics do not