Why It Matters – The June 9th Show

Why It Matters – The June 9th Show

Convenient IRS Data Leak


  • Volumes of private tax return info of wealthiest Americans leaked from IRS
  • Data shows relatively small tax payments by the super-wealthy, but no illegality claimed
  • Looks like a politically-timed leak intended to support raising taxes on the wealthy
  • IRS leaks and agenda-driven behavior have increased dramatically since Obama era
  • Fanning the flames of class envy is just one more divisive tactic of America’s radical left

Americans’ traditional view is still the best:

Rule of law: Everybody should pay what the law requires them to pay

Rule of common sense:  Nobody pays more in taxes than they have to pay

Rule of privacy:  Personal tax info ought to be nobody else’s business

The radical left seeks to upend American norms

REJECT the radical left’s invitation to resent success


Kamala DID Go to the Border


  • First year Congresswoman Lauren Boebert took a cardboard cutout of Kamala Harris to the border to draw attention to VP Harris NOT going to the border
  • Harris in Lester Holt interview: I haven’t gone to Europe, either….(Kamala cackle)
  • Kamala Harris is the Vice President of the United States

She has been tasked by the President to take charge of the out-of-control southern border

Her refusal to visit the border, and her flippant answer to Holt, do not inspire confidence

Her blaming of climate change and racism for the border mess  is inane

SHE  ALSO told the Guatemalans NOT to come to America illegally, angering AOC and admitting without saying it that the Trump team was on the right track.

  • The VP is entitled to her political views, but she has actual executive responsibilities to the American people…basic competence requires more than she has done

Americans are learning why Kamala Harris never polled above 3%

among Democrat presidential primary voters


Racial Politics Killing America: LeBron Etc.


  • America’s professional athletes long admired for talent, work ethic, meritocracy
  • Lebron James has done a lot of damage to the reputation of athletes and to the NBA

Super woke as to racism, but oblivious to facts (Ohio incident saved black girl’s life)

Oblivious to communist China human rights abuses

Exemplifies poor sportsmanship walking off the court—no handshakes—after playoff ouster

  • An avoidable tragedy: James is an intelligent man, but he lives in a left-wing bubble

Media will never challenge him –They can’t risk losing access for interviews

Imagine LeBron James spending a week with Dr. Thomas Sowell !!

  • A talk show host ACTUALLY thought it was an intelligent Q “What do you like about being white?

NBA Ratings, and LeBron’s reputation, SINKING in Leftist Bubble of ignorance

 Americans have no common ground if RACE defines us