Why It Matters – The June 9th Show

Why It Matters – The June 9th Show

Trump-Deranged GOP’ers


Mitt Romney, Colin Powell, George Will support Biden (George W denies support of Biden)

  • Living inside the Beltway media bubble does this
  • Russia collusion hoax/desecration of DOJ and FBI; impeachment scam; phony pandemic lockdowns; and BLM/Antifa anarchy and destruction are from the party of Joe Biden but are not problems to them
  • Electing as Commander-in-Chief a patently senile man (BIDEN) suffering from dementia is not a problem to them

Re-electing Donald Trump is a problem to them

Some medical evidence TDS may cause brain malfunctioning…?

The stakes for the future of freedom under the Constitution could not possibly be higher; only President Trump gives America a fighting chance


Great Covid News from UPENN


Coronavirus is dissipating

  • Fewer people testing positive
  • Cases are much less severe
  • Infection from asymptomatic carriers highly unlikely
  • Importance of vaccine in question

Consistent with what happens to most viruses as warmer temperatures arrive

This is all good news for America and the world


Lancet’s Hydroxy “Walkback” and Fauci’s Silence


Extraordinary ‘tell’ in the past two weeks:

  • Fauci, WHO and Lancet coordinate timing of public denouncement of efficacy of HC

‘No empirical evidence’ of efficacy was flat out false (listen to Dr. Armstrong)

  • Lancet study touted for disproving HC efficacy suddenly retracted by Lancet; fraudulent
  • Fauci silent on retraction of Lancet study

Fauci is not acting like a doctor honestly happy for sick patients getting well via HC

Fauci is not acting like a doctor embarrassed by reliance on a fraudulent study

Fauci is exposing himself as a tool of Big Pharma and mandatory vaccines

Americans ask: how much of Fauci’s pandemic advice has been about science vs about a worldview supportive of globalism and mandatory vaccines?