Why It Matters – The March 10th Show

Why It Matters – The March 10th Show

Sex Trafficking Epidemic


The numbers of young women and their traffickers, and the range of male ‘patrons’…

…are staggering

That these conditions exist in the year 2020 is evidence of societal decline, not progress

From the ‘sexual revolution’ of the 1960’s to the militant LGBTQ agenda of today…

…the sexualization of everyone at every age is a moral virus

America is paying a price for a prolonged unwillingness to speak up against the relentless rage of leftists trashing the teaching of traditional morality rooted in the Scriptures

America can do better; America must do better

Speak up to restore American Culture


Coronavirus: Truth or Exploitation


Dem/MSM efforts to politicize the coronavirus are over-the-top, transparent and disgusting

  1. Trump did not cause or create the coronavirus; China did
  2. Trump did not hide or suppress early reporting data from China; China did
  3. Trump did not cause or create supply chain dependence on China; ‘globalists’ did
  4. Trump did not allow dependence on China for medications; previous Presidents did

Trump admin policies seeking to:

  • Reverse dependency on China for manufacturing of any kind
  • Control spread of the virus
  • Ameliorate economic impact on Americans

Trump is leading like a President should