Why It Matters – The March 11th Show

Why It Matters – The March 11th Show












Miss Virginia Movie


“Miss Virginia” – the Movie

A compelling documentary for school choice as the civil rights issue of the 2020’s

Every caring mother knows the difference between a good school and a bad school

  • The atmosphere for learning: Discipline? Expectations? Work ethic?
  1. coddling; ‘soft bigotry of low expectations’; pass ‘em and move on…

Every caring mother wants the option of a good school for her children

Winning, uniting policy for America: School Choice in every community

















NYT 1619 Propaganda


NYT 1619 Project—

A brazen attempt to rewrite American history to make everything about racism

  • Transparently agenda-driven by the leftist worldview
  • Not remotely honest, objective, rigorous or thorough
  • Advancing resentments and suspicions and divisions, unjustifiably
  • The ‘hate America’ crowd never rests
  • Public Schools teach the 1619 Project, regardless of inaccuracies

The NYT has always been liberal, but has become pure leftist propaganda

The 1619 Project should be denounced by all Americans

Especially teachers!