Why It Matters – The March 12th Show

Why It Matters – The March 12th Show

Tactical War on Coronavirus


  • Trump’s travel ban is targeted, based on evidence

EU was slower to respond; cases are concentrated in Italy; UK ok

  • Sacramento backtracks from ‘over-quarantining’; focuses on the infected and the vulnerable
  • Cleveland clinic validating test kit that processes in 8 hours, not 2+ days

These are examples of serious, thoughtful, adult Americans

  • Understand the problem
  • Act to address it
  • Expect to solve it

            …NOT the MSM types competing to generate hysteria


America Fights Virus; Left Fights Trump


President Trump is leading as a ‘President for all Americans’ should

  • Marshaling resources
  • Targeting remedial action
  • Proposing economic impact softeners
  • Facilitating vaccine development

            …Dems/Leftists fight over whether it is racist to say where the virus originated

Americans are watching the most incredible disease of all time—Trump Derangement Syndrome—defile an entire media industry, destroying trust in its purpose and value

This is why “America, Can We Talk?” is growing every week




There is a reason history has made these statements famous:

  • “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself”
  • “Keep calm and carry on”
  • “These colors don’t run”
  • “We shall overcome”

Americans don’t submit to threats of any kind, and they don’t surrender their heritage of freedom…threats must be taken seriously, evaluated carefully, and intelligent, determined action must be taken…until we win

America’s MSM and radical left have never been more hysterical, more driven to leverage anything negative and even manipulate markets to ‘get Trump’…Stay calm, and stop trusting MSM