Why It Matters – The March 13th Show

Why It Matters – The March 13th Show

Naomi Wolf MAGA-apologizes


Naomi Wolf a high profile liberal intellectual feminist…Bill Clinton advisor; Rhodes scholar

  • Stunned by Pfizer’s behavior in willfully concealing vaccine-related adverse events
  • Documented in her Daily Clout e-book “Pfizer Documents Analysis Reports

Tucker Carlson’s J6 video presentation also stunned her

  • Lies of Big Pharma no different than lies of Big Govt, Big Media
  • Now sees Russia collusion, Steele dossier, ‘pee tape’, Hunter Biden laptop, J6 ‘insurrection’ stories in entirely different light—that of leftism’s LIES

Wolf penned a heartfelt apology to conservatives, Republicans and MAGA

…for being taken in by the lies of NPR, MSNBC and NYT

Wolf proves integrity and conscience are not dead

If she can wake up and apologize…

there is hope for honest, intelligent reconciliation and progress via TRUTH


SVB: Domino Danger OR Nick of Time Warning


1.Biden climate change policies are driving fossil fuel shortages and price increases

…which is driving inflation across supply chains

  1. US economy is actually weak; inflation is not from strong demand for money—i.e., loans
  2. Biden’s Fed is fighting inflation by raising interest rates…which makes the economy weaker
  3. Higher interest rates paid by US Treasury cause:
  • Fixed rate bonds to drop in value, AND
  • Drive bank depositors out of the bank into US treasuries…thereby creating ‘run on the bank’

SVB’s portfolio of fixed rate bonds lost billions in value…SVB saw $42B in deposits leave the bank in one day last week   RESULT:  instantaneous SVB insolvency and closure

Fed backstopping of ALL deposits intended to stop bank run ‘contagion’, BUT cannot be sustained

for the entire banking system; it is a potentially unlimited money-printing bailout

that will increase inflation…

A path out of this crisis has not been established


HOUSE discovers CCP $$ went to Biden’s Account


House Rep James Comer now has ‘the receipts’—

  • Documented evidence of money flowing from CCP to Biden family
  • Consider 3 years of media/Dem hysteria over possibility of Trump as compromised Russian agent

No evidence ever uncovered that Trump was compromised by Russia

  • Yet Biden now unequivocally confirmed by evidentiary paper trail to be compromised by CCP

Media?   Dems?   FBI/DOJ?  Silence

‘Hypocrisy’ and ‘double standards’ do not begin to capture the OUTRAGE of honest

American patriots at this situation

America cannot be restored unless and until

this vile level of injustice and lack of integrity is rectified




J6 prisoners singing national anthem against backdrop of Trump reciting Pledge of Allegiance

  • Became No. 1 song on iTunes

Yes, it is just one anecdote, but it’s one way to see:

  • There is a huge reservoir of American patriots eager to show their patriotism
  • Loyalty and fidelity to American ideals runs deep among J6 protestors/prisoners

…they are NOT insurrectionists and NEVER WERE

First legal moves made to free J6 prisoners for DOJ/FBI misbehavior w/holding evidence

  • Judges MUST respond with righteous rebuke of DOJ/FBI, asap
  • J6 prisoner treatment will forever be a stain on US history…Garland/Wray have NO excuse

US Judge Royce Lamberth should order the release of Jacob Chansley