Why It Matters – The March 14th Show

Why It Matters – The March 14th Show

Latest Leftist Lunacy: Conflating Climate & Race


Dem Cori Bush castigates energy expert for not recognizing racism in climate change impact

Leftist academic writes of ‘petro-masculinity’  …really?

Leftism has descended into completely unserious, moral idiocy

  • They are infantile children with no idea how the world works
  • Imaginary, ‘pretend’ worldview will destroy everything it is allowed to govern

America is running out of time to remove this nonsense

it is being force-fed down the throats of traditional America

Americans must find the will and strength to reverse course


Mike Pence’s Struggle for Relevance


The Uniparty knows the J6 insurrection narrative is crumbling

  • So…roll out the ‘honorable’ Mike Pence to blame Trump for J6 threat to Pence and his family

The growing MAGA base has seen:

  • Overwhelming evidence that the 2020 election was stolen
  • Accelerating evidence that J6 ‘rioting’ was a Uniparty/Deep State operation

(Read:  “The Parliamentary Motive behind the J6 Fedsurrection”)

Pence’s alignment w/‘Biden is legit’ and ‘J6 was a violent insurrection’ has ended his GOP career

…though he may not know it yet

Few politicians have had an image so inconsistent with who they really are

Pence betrayed his country to maintain his position w/Uniparty elite


Tucker’s J6 Tapes Ruining Everything


Ripple effect from Carlson’s release of J6 video is spreading…a list of lies now exposed

  • ‘Deadly insurrection’ – only deadly to Ashli Babbitt and Trump supporters
  • Jacob Chansley a/k/a Qanon Shaman – not violent, not rioting, urging everyone to go home
  • Brian Sicknick – upright and walking around AFTER media reported him as having been murdered via head blow from Trump supporter wielding fire extinguisher
  • Ray Epps – clearly a ringleader of Capitol entry but never prosecuted…an obvious Fed agent
  • Josh Hawley – falsely portrayed as a coward; was merely last among many others who fled
  • Loudermilk ‘reconnaissance tours’ – completely harmless
  • Nancy Pelosi – clearly involved in setup and in lack of police/Nat’l Guard response…but not accountable
  • J6 Committee – Chairman says they never looked at the tapes ???!!!

Evidence is accumulating: there may not have been EVEN ONE Trump supporter actually engaged in violence

the entire J6 ‘event’ appears to have been staged

with all violent acts done by antifa members impersonating Trump supporters

The level of apparent US govt corruption/duplicity is staggering