Why It Matters – The March 14th Show

Why It Matters – The March 14th Show

Death from Ivermectin Suppression


Efficacy of ivermectin as treatment for covid asserted by many doctors early in pandemic

Now backed by multiple, worldwide studies

Public health ‘authorities’ (Fauci) continually discredited ivermectin, blocked it from use

Dr. Andrew Hill – a pivotal voice against ivermectin – apparently paid by Big Pharma

Who perpetrated the ‘horse de-wormer’ narrative?

The deliberate blocking of ivermectin from covid patients is becoming a global scandal…in tandem with Pfizer vaccine trial data now being examined, and showing hundreds of known dangerous side effects

                No ivermectin + mandatory vaccination = Millions of avoidable deaths?

  That’s the question coming into focus, and it won’t go away without better answers


Dr. Martin’s Vax Litigation


Dr. David Martin has gone deep into:

  • Pfizer public disclosures – 10 more vaccine rollouts expected?
  • Patent trails involving Big Pharma – need media hype to sell vaccines for a pandemic?
  • Shifting regulatory definitions of ‘vaccine’ – mRNA technology would not be labelled a ‘vaccine’ without these shifts

Now pursuing litigation in federal court against the White House/ executive branch

Dr. Martin is serious, knowledgeable, articulate, formidable…not to be discounted

Americans are doubtful of the integrity and ‘justness’ of the current court system

Martin’s lawsuit will bring a new test of the court system to deal w/disturbing facts


Bad News Polls for Dems


Nothing is working to turnaround Biden’s disastrous polling

  • No SOTU bounce
  • Americans NOT responding to message encouraging America’s involvement in Russia/Ukraine war

Infighting among Dems reportedly on the rise

  • Old-school Dems demanding moderation from radical leftism…fear losing power
  • AOC/Squad demanding doubling down on radical leftism…exercise power while you have it

Points to Dem need to create more ‘fear pandemics’ to keep control of ‘we the people’

And that’s why Americans don’t trust any narrative parroted by ruling class media

Politicians who fear losing power can be very dangerous


Dr. Harari’s Inhuman Views


Yuval Noah Harari is one of the most celebrated intellectuals of the 21st century

Key advisor to Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum

Dr. Harari’s atheism permeates his entire worldview

  • Life has no meaning at all
  • “God” and “free will” are human inventions
  • Covid has brought about a pivotal moment in human history
  • Human beings have arrived at the transition to being programmable (and hackable) machines

Dr. Harari’s thinking isn’t new; it is atheism with 21st century packaging

  • Joy, beauty, humor, fulfillment, inspiration, love, hope…have no source in Harari’s world
  • Humanity without Easter lives in a very dark world…a world devoid of real progress

       Dr. Harari’s ‘reign’ will be temporary…but potentially very destructive…be alert