Why It Matters – The March 15th Show

Why It Matters – The March 15th Show

Biden’s Bottomless Polling Pit


  • Seven in 10 Americans think the country is on the wrong track
  • 70% disapproval of Biden re inflation/gas prices

Blaming Putin for this isn’t working

  • Nothing Biden is doing is making any sense

Shut off domestic oil supplies but try to buy oil from Venezuela?

Wide open southern border?

Americans’ angst is growing…

may not unanimously agree on exactly what’s causing it…

but Biden isn’t leading, speaking or acting like an American President


Whose Children Are They – DeSantis vs Disney


Rebecca Friedrichs’:  “Whose Children Are They?” debuted nationwide yesterday

  • Powerful, non-partisan wake up call to all American parents

Coincides with Americans siding with DeSantis against Disney and other woke-ists

  • Americans do NOT want the sexualization of kindergartners!!!
  • Leftists’ chants of ‘don’t say gay’ do not resonate

Why did sexuality ever become integral to the public school teaching agenda?

  • Moral teaching best from the parents, at home

Unprecedented for ‘parents’ to become a ‘group identity’ with political power

May be a ‘sleeping giant’ now awake in the effort to restore America


65 Speech Censoring Project


  • Dem-sponsored effort to DISBAR lawyers who brought cases challenging the legitimacy of the 2020 election
  • Dems spent four+ years challenging the legitimacy of Trump’s 2016 election…compelled a $30M+ Mueller investigation based on ZERO actual evidence of election fraud

Fabricated a Russia collusion hoax to propel investigation and media hysteria

  • There is overwhelming evidence of election fraud in 2020—read Emerald Robinson’s


Hypocrisy and double standards know no limits on the American Left

And they never stop…


MORE Veritas  (Truth) From the NYT


  • NYT reporter acknowledges they always knew the infamous Trump ‘pee tape’ never existed
  • Follows reporter’s admission that the NYT always knew January 6th was not an insurrection
  • Project Veritas’ videos are supremely credible

Reporter’s guard is down…proudly letting the truth be known—about how much they lie

NYT has become a poster child for morally untethered intellectualism

Will enough Americans ever rise up and stop paying attention to it?