Why It Matters – The March 15th Show

Why It Matters – The March 15th Show

San Fran: Cultivating Moral & Economic Idiocy


SF Bd of Supervisors apparently seriously considering reparations for black residents

  • $5M per person
  • Guaranteed minimum annual income of $97K per person…for 250 years
  • Homes in SF for $1.00 (that’s one dollar)

No discussion of how to pay for this

SF has never had slaves or slaveowners

This is mindless fantasizing and virtue-signaling with ‘Other People’s Money’ which makes a representative government into a farce of unseriousness…and worse, it is built upon a racist view that black Americans do not have the ability or opportunity to succeed in America

                                                     SF is becoming a hell-hole

              Gavin Newsom is delusional to believe America wants SF/CAL nonsense


U.S. Drowning in Lies, Pretends & Wokeness


America is ‘pretending’ and lying itself into oblivion

  • Military Age Men Flood Southern Border – this.is.an.INVASION…repel it and stop it!
  • Med School applications – who wants future doctors determined by their sexual preferences?
  • Stanford Law & Trans Prisoner – intelligent (?) students BOO a judge who won’t humor a sex offender who “changes” genders & wants system to call him a her…THIS is worthy of outrage?
  • Trans & Drag Queens & Pronouns – indulging moral idiocy as education and entertainment
  • Airline pilot DEI – feel safe with a pilot chosen for wokeness instead of flight competence?
  • Nuclear facility goes DEI Woke – we’re going to trust NUCLEAR energy to the woke?
  • DEI – GOD? – America is about honoring individual identity and sovereign identity, not groups

Lying, pretending and wokeness are the tools for imposing cultural Marxism on the unwary

Awake Americans can’t be fooled; MUST stand up and reject all of this


J6: More Uni-party Treachery Unmasked


Read:  “The Parliamentary Motive Behind the J6 Fedsurrection”

Was J6 a created ‘crisis’ that enabled parliamentary maneuvering by Nancy Pelosi to sideline anticipated objections to election certification?

and thereby cement the steal of the 2020 election

Legacy media has not rebutted any of the fact-finding that backs up this story

J6 videos already released by Tucker Carlson are validating and converging with this story

  • Antifa imposters appear to be the perpetrators of J6 violence and property destruction
  • FBI informants and agents at the root of crowd movements and opening of Capitol doors

When a critical mass of Americans are awake to the staged J6 fedsurrection

The fury may be difficult for the Deep State to control