Why It Matters – The March 15th Show

Why It Matters – The March 15th Show

Politics Dictate July 4th & Tucker


  • National Park Service banning fireworks over Mt. Rushmore in 2021

Reasons given:  objection of Native Americans; fire hazard/inconvenience to staff

Not a coincidence?? The site of Trump’s patriotic July 3rd speech last year

  • Tucker Carlson questions maternity flight suits, and Marine Command launches

personal twitter attack against Carlson

Marine outburst violates decades of military tradition to stay out of political discourse…Marines have since backtracked

The left politicizes EVERYTHING; seeks to impose groupthink on EVERYONE

Neither Our Military nor our Federal government are supposed to weigh into politics


FBI Gone Rogue?


  • SWAT teams and 30+ FBI agents deployed to arrest Roger Stone
  • Reportedly, an armored vehicle with turret, 2 vans, 6 FBI vehicles, & 3 local police vehicles used to arrest Iraq war veteran who was in Capitol on Jan. 6th as part of Oath Keepers
  • Reportedly, heavily armed FBI/law enforcement personnel knock down door of Dr. Simone Gold, also apparently in connection with her appearance at the Capitol on Jan. 6th
  • All of this is happening at the same time Biden administration endorses crackdown on police tactics used in Breonna Taylor case
  • Related: nationwide riots this past weekend are not reported by Dem/MSM)

FBI/WH 2021 messages on law enforcement priorities and tactics…

Sounds Political & Biased

Did Americans vote for or otherwise endorse these?


Election Integrity & the Innocence Project


  • Texas and other states starting to unveil legislative initiatives on election integrity
  • Left has apparently succeeded in mocking and intimidating into silence any elected official who would attempt to address the most fundamental and far-reaching problem:

Electronic hacking into voting machines/tabulation manipulation

  • No system of cleaning up voter rolls or new voter ID initiatives will matter if hacking vulnerabilities are not addressed
  • Waiting to address hacking is like waiting to install alarms until after a burglary occurs
  • Atty Sidney Powell starting to make the case for ordering a new election due to fraud in 2020

She’ll be massively mocked and derided—again—but Americans love the Innocence Project—which stands for the idea that it is never too late to correct injustice

Powell is relentless, unwavering

Can she produce enough evidence without aid of FBI/NSA?