Why It Matters – The March 16th Show

Why It Matters – The March 16th Show

Fighting Tyranny – States Nullifying Federal Law


  • Single-Party Democrat rule in DC is already showing what tyranny looks like.

From HR 1 –  Mandating Permanent Election Fraud, Intrusions into 2nd amendment rights, silencing political dissent by calling it domestic terrorism,  incursions into religious freedom & more

  • Individual States are becoming the last refuge for American patriots seeking protection of constitutional rights
    • Oklahoma resolving to refuse to comply with unconstitutional overreach
    • South Dakota preparing to reject certain Biden Executive Orders
    • Texas undertaking state-level reinforcement of border control

Conservatives are essentially creating sanctuary states to defy overreaching federal action

Standing for Freedom requires Action & Bravery


Lies, Mobs and Losing America


WaPo corrects fraudulent misstatement of Trump conversation with Georgia Secy of State

            WaPo’s fraudulent report stirred hatred against Trump across the country “find the fraud

WaPo’s fraudulent report cited in second impeachment of Trump

….and it was all a lie – by the Washington Post…Accountability????  Ever????

New study shows another mob narrative to be a lie: 

            Jan. 6th ‘riot’ not filled by ‘red state/Qanon’ types, not supported by GOP Reps

Racist!’ continues to be the mob’s favorite tool for creating more lies

  • Doctor who was anti-racism advocate cancelled for saying ‘doctors aren’t racist’
  • Senator Ron Johnson pilloried for saying not worried about MAGA crowds but worried about Antifa/BLM crowds…after a year’s worth of empirical evidence of Antifa/BLM rioting causing billions of dollars of damage and destruction

Johnson not apologizing…not a racist comment…a rational statement