Why It Matters – The March 16th Show

Why It Matters – The March 16th Show

FBI raids Project Veritas reporter


Without Project Veritas journalism, Americans wouldn’t know nearly as much about:

  • ACORN fraud
  • Planned Parenthood trafficking in aborted baby parts
  • Pfizer vaccine dangers
  • FDA malfeasance
  • NYT falsification of January 6th insurrection narrative

Yet Biden’s FBI is weaponized v. PV, doing dark-of-night guns-pointed raids of a PV reporter

America’s First Amendment is in tatters under the radical leftist Biden regime

Americans MUST wake up and stand up and speak up to stop it

‘We the people’ have the power, but we have to exercise it


Kamala Cackle Competition


Kamala Harris’ nervous cackle at horrendously inappropriate times is worrying

  • Excruciating to listen to; invites mockery
  • Nervous tic?
  • Tool for buying time when she’s caught off guard by a question and doesn’t know the answer?

Whatever the reason for it, it doesn’t inspire confidence in the Vice President

Extremely disconcerting on world stages in a time of crisis

Harris dropped out of Dem presidential primaries before they started…because no traction

Chosen as a VP almost entirely on the basis of gender and skin color

Harris is Biden’s best protection against impeachment…