Why It Matters – The March 16th Show

Why It Matters – The March 16th Show

Biden – Bernie Snoozer


Two octogenarians in an empty studio, talking about concerns for the elderly?

No leadership; no inspiration; no excitement

Bernie is down for the revolution, and this is probably his last chance

  • That’s why he won’t get out, despite party bosses wanting him out

Biden has one mission: preserve Bernie supporters as Democrat voters

  • That’s why no stark contrasts or sharp disagreements
  • That’s why Biden is moving left –

Hiring Beto’s ‘gun confiscation’ campaign manager

Calling for removal of millions of autos off the road – Green New Deal?

No to Joe Biden; No to Bernie Sanders


Congress CoronaPork


Dems’ forever resolved: “never let a good crisis go to waste”

Pelosi’s coronavirus aid bill:

Nanny state ascendant

Planned Parenthood support?

Hyde amendment tinkering?

Democrat politicians are unserious; they are cheapening American politics when they leverage a public health crisis into irrelevant areas of nanny state policy

Americans need to flip House control to the Trump/GOP in 2020


Coronavirus and American Freedom


A Nashville Mayor meets resistance from real America

A portent?

Cratering the US economy, eliminating trillions of wealth, devastating the 401k’s of almost everyone, and putting millions out of work…

When did Americans give their ‘informed consent’ to this?

Who decides when this crisis is over?

Who decides when enough shutdown is enough shutdown?


Main Street common sense, resilience and ingenuity must not be ignored

            Trust Americans to be wise and careful, but let them adapt freely


Does a Day of Prayer Matter?


General George Washington thought so…

On his knees in the snow at Valley Forge…’the most sublime figure in American history’ – said Ronald Reagan

Abraham Lincoln thought so…

Regularly quoting Scripture

Famously praying to be on God’s side

FDR thought so…

Leading America in prayer on D-Day

Do we really think that we can have it both ways, that God will protect us

in a time of crisis even as we turn away from him in our day-to-day life?

            – President Ronald Reagan