Why It Matters – The March 17th Show

Why It Matters – The March 17th Show

Coronavirus Logic & Scams


The real battle – against hysteria

Logical cautions from the WH – act like an intelligent adult

  • Social distancing
  • Avoid crowds of >10
  • If especially senior and vulnerable, be especially cautious

Be alert – scams and disinformation proliferate

  • A shipment of fake test kits at LAX
  • Trump is NOT trying to corner the market on vaccines

This virus wasn’t created by the federal govt, and it won’t be cured by the federal govt

  • That life presents adversities should not be a shock…
  • That govt cannot END all adversity instantly needs to be re-learned
  • That Americans can ‘man up’ and get over this is a certainty


Hans Von Spakovsky on Other News


Silver lining amid a pandemic

  • “Open borders” advocates not looking good
  • Obama judges striking down “Remain in Mexico” policy not looking good
  • Mexico! looking to secure the US border
  • Whether illegals bring disease or anti-American attitudes – America’s interest is served by a secure border and merit-based control of immigration

FISA Expiration and the Reform Debate

  • Deep State coup has not been fully exposed, and accountability has not been imposed
  • FISA cannot continue without substantial reform
  • Confrontation with Deep State criminality MUST occur if America is to survive under the rule of law


Coronavirus – Progress & Recoveries


US government moving to restore pharmaceutical manufacturing to the US

This is absolutely necessary, and long overdue

Cases of recovery from the coronavirus are occurring all over the world

  • NOT dramatic, death-defying stories – they are like any recovery from a bad flu
  • Why does the American media ignore or underemphasize these stories?

Americans get it…and are thinking…

  • The virus is real and not imagined
  • It is wise to be careful and follow good hygiene
  • But is the hysteria and national shutdown justified?

Or manufactured?


St. Patrick’s Day


Good ole Americana is good for stirring the good ole American spirit

  • No green scarves or ties?
  • No St. Paddy’s Day parades?
  • No green beer?

We can still celebrate St. Paddy’s with Irish food at home, texts and emails with family and friends AND look forward to next year.

THIS is not our biggest crisis!