Why It Matters – The March 18th Show

Why It Matters – The March 18th Show

No to Critical Race Theory


Florida Governor Ron DeSantis continues to LEAD along MAGA lines

No teaching of ‘Critical’ Race Theory (CRT) in Florida schools

CRT is anti-American, intentionally divisive propaganda

DeSantis is right to take a stand

  • America is not an inherently, deeply racist country, and Americans are right to be indignant about CRT’s relentless attacks on their own country
  • Americans of all backgrounds have fought for decades to combat racism
  • America has more to do, and is doing it…

 but should be proud, not defensive, about the culture of freedom


Questioning Open Borders is Racist?


Legacy media continues drumbeat of racism everywhere

Joy Reid/Julian Castro agree it is racist to even ask questions about the border chaos

“Woke” leftism controls the federal government, the military, legacy media, academia, Hollywood, public schools and churches, the Boy Scouts…

…and on and on…

To posit ‘white supremacy’ as real and rampant, and the most serious threat to America, is not only fundamentally dishonest; it is a propaganda tactic designed to demoralize, anger and divide…to avoid discussing real causes and solutions to our challenges, AND to aid in radical leftist/Marxist overthrow of America