Why It Matters – The March 19th Show

Why It Matters – The March 19th Show

YES, Leftists Mock Prayer


David Hogg and Rashida Tlaib earn an ugly footnote in American history

“F**k a Day of Prayer…”

This is what is meant by a mentality that replaces God with government

One ought to be able to be an atheist without being ugly, angry and anti-American

But this is the reality

  • America has a Judeo-Christian foundation
  • America’s rise is directly tied to the practice of its faith –

See George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, FDR, Ronald Reagan

  • Hogg/Tlaib attitude leads to nothing good, ever

The CV silver lining may be Americans waking up to this reality


Leftists Lie and Politicize Crisis


  • World Health Organization’s anti-Trump spin on test kit dynamics is a lie
  • WaPo columnist argues for Trump admin causing more GOP deaths than Dems…REALLY
  • MSM story of Trump’s irresponsible closing of NSC ‘office of pandemic response’ a lie

Just an agreed consolidation of three functions into one in a bloated NSC

  • Leftist/MSM behavior so off-the-rails and relentless…the smell of plot/hoax is in the air
  • Doc Farmer is an American hero…read his post, and see if it resonates with you!

The CV panic won’t last if the American people won’t let it last

Stay alert, clear and strong – America will get through this