Why It Matters – The March 1st Show

Why It Matters – The March 1st Show

Texas Primaries & SOTU Mask-Off


Voters in primary elections across the country must come to grips with this truth:

  • Biden cabal is purposefully acting to destroy the American Constitutional Republic
  • Democrat Party is generally lockstep in support of the Biden cabal’s actions

Vote for those America First candidates who ‘understand what time it is in America

  • RINOs in denial of the seriousness of this era cannot be humored
  • Not the time for reaching across the aisle
  • Time for massive U-turn or other course correction in just about every area of govt policy
  • Time for uncompromising firmness in reasserting the primacy of American freedom

DEMS and their pollsters know how badly Biden and the leftist agenda are failing

…that’s why mask mandates ended just prior to Biden’s SOTU

          Leftists and their totalitarian agenda MUST be overwhelmingly defeated


America’s Trucker Convoy


Truckers convoy IS the spirit of America

…now over 20 miles long, drawing huge crowds as it passes through

  • Not really about vaccine mandates
  • Not really about masks
  • Not really about covid passports

It’s about rising in rebellion against government tyranny

            …against the denial of American freedom

This is the same spirit that filled enlistment centers on December 8, 1941

The ‘sleeping giant’ is awakening


More Ukraine & Russia


CIA Director Burns warned two years ago that NATO-membership-for-Ukraine was the reddest of redlines for Putin/Russia—i.e., he would invade rather than accept it

  • Biden knew this, openly offered Zelensky…in late 2021…support for NATO membership for Ukraine

Points to Biden cabal wanting to provoke Putin to invade….but WHY?

  • A ‘wag the dog’ distraction-from-domestic-disasters tactic?
  • Something worse?
    • Financial observers note that kicking Russian banks out of SWIFT pushes them to align with China and seek alternatives to SWIFT…and a viable alternative to SWIFT undercuts the dollar as world’s reserve currency…which could be devastating to America in its otherwise bankrupt financial condition

    Ukraine situation is NOT as simple as it is being portrayed:  Putin bad, Zelensky good

     Join ACWT Thursday for conversation with national security expert Frank Gaffney