Why It Matters – The March 1st Show

Why It Matters – The March 1st Show

Wray’s Doubling-Down Denials


FBI Director interview with Fox News’ Bret Baier extraordinarily revealing

Looking Baier right in the eye, Christopher Wray:

  • Denied any improper FBI investigations or wrongdoing

…but what about Hunter’s laptop?  Antifa standdown?  J6 entrapment?  Dr. Simone Gold?

  • Denied Twitter files as evidence of FBI controlling social media (re covid, Biden corruption)

No lying is more dark, dangerous, even pathological than face-to-face, smug denial of truth

Exemplifies wildly amoral, unaccountable elitism…the belief that power has replaced virtue

 America will never be restored until her culture refuses to tolerate leaders who brazenly lie

A reckoning is needed, NOW


What Is Trump Up To?


Trump’s ‘Golden Arrow’ economic plan exemplifies leadership

  • It is bold and sets a standard for clarity
  • 100% consistent with the “America First”/MAGA philosophy…he stands by what he believes

This is a marker of authenticity that Americans yearn for

All other GOP candidates should be asked their reaction because this goes to the heart of

the issue vs globalism vs Americanism.

GOP/ruling class forever mistakes Trump’s appeal as about personality

It’s about MAGA…a spirit of love for what America is supposed to be

…that the vast majority of Americans feel in their gut

GOP/Ruling class marketing will never dissolve this gut feeling


Retail Politics & East Palestine Ohio


Trump v. Biden in East Palestine:  A stark, separating contrast

  • The American people want a President who cares

Trump acted quickly…delivered water…connected with locals at a McDonald’s

…just showing up IS caring…but he did far more than just show up…he relates

…Trump’s actions have led to a clear surge in national popularity

Biden still hasn’t shown up; Buttigieg’s appearance late and cringeworthy

Reminder:  effective election-rigging (per Dr. Frank) depends on delivering results that are plausible

  • East Palestine episode creates massive gap in popular perception

Another Biden ‘win’ in 2024 may become impossible if the popularity gap continues to widen


Leftists Everywhere Hate Election Integrity


Mexico’s President Lopez Obrador acts to gut election integrity agency

Immediate response:  crowd estimated at 500,000 protests this action in Mexico City

People in democracies throughout the world are sensing deliberate theft of their voices

Restoring honest elections is possible…but is forever up against the will to hold power

Individual freedom and self-government is an American founding ideal

It has spread throughout the world and will not be denied

the fight for one-man, one-vote will be long but will be won