Why It Matters – The March 1st Show

Why It Matters – The March 1st Show

CPAC & Trump


S. Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem: “Covid didn’t kill our economies; government did

Trump talked about “Trumpism”…and millions were watching

Great trade deals…low taxes…cutting job-killing regulations…strong borders…merit-based immigration…no riots in the streets…no defunding police…protecting 2nd amendment…strong military…safe communities…respect the flag…teaching truth about US history…a great nation for all Americans

GOP/ruling class seems unable to see ‘Trumpism’ apart from their hatred of Trump…yet Trumpism, as outlined above, is the agenda of a solid and growing majority of Americans

Where will the donor class go?  GOP or Trump PAC?

The funding will follow Trumpism;

Trump PAC is the GOP takeover


Labyrinth of Lies


America beset by lies everywhere:  Biden, race obsession, transgenderism

  • Biden is mentally fit; Biden is not compromised by China
  • Biden received 81 million votes
  • Biden won the election
  • CPAC stage drew upon Nazi designs
  • Coke tells employees to ‘be less white’
  • Amazon withdraws Clarence Thomas documentary during Black History Month
  • Smith College administrator can’t stomach all-pervasive wokeism; everything about race
  • Gender dysphoria does not change physiology…a man dressed as a woman is still a man; a woman dressed as a man is still a woman

Humoring untruth is destabilizing to society