Why It Matters – The March 20th Show

Why It Matters – The March 20th Show

Manhattan DA vs Trump: Unjust, Outrageous & Sinister


Much could be said about transparently political hatchet job, but to summarize:

  • ‘Double-standard’ and ‘hypocrisy’ do not begin to describe the outrage of this DA’s rumored action

NY resident Hillary Clinton transparently guilty of multiple felonies re emails

…never even a whiff of a prosecution

  • ‘Straining out gnats’ while proof of CCP bribery of Biden is starkly exposed
  • Massively misguided priorities in face of, among other things, NYC crime surge…and demonstrates to all the world a weak America descending to banana republic status

Rumors of possible grand jury change of heart seem unlikely

  TDS is all-consuming among leftist radicals; they HAVE to GET TRUMP


Arrest Trump? GOP Litmus Test


Vivek Ramaswamy jumped to the front of the GOP pack of presidential candidates with

spot-on, principled denouncement of NYC DA

  • Not about a person, but about equal administration of justice

DeSantis voiced pure, coached GOPe consultant-speak

  • Better say something because people are getting mad at silence from GOP candidates
  • So blather against weaponized justice, but smear Trump on porn star payoff
  • Weak and slimy; not impressive to the MAGA base

Pence even weaker than DeSantis; bewails DA’s priorities but doesn’t denounce the idea

GOPe is massively out of touch with the American people and the MAGA base

Actually disdainful of the GOP base while enthralled with donor class

Musk is right:  Trump indictment => Trump landslide


Fifth Generation Warfare: Don’t be Fooled Again


Mike Flynn warns of Trump indictment as ‘psyop’ distraction

  • Biden has just been definitively exposed as taking bribes from the CCP
  • Hunter Biden laptop contents more and more widely understood

Watch ACWT interview of Garrett Ziegler of MarcoPoloUSA.org on March 16

  • Recent 972% increase in Chinese migrants crossing the southern border

America’s most dangerous enemy—the CCP—is flying surveillance balloons through US airspace; threatening Taiwan with imminent invasion; invading US southern border; and is beginning to partner with Putin in Russia against Ukraine

…while America is ‘led’ by an addled, senile man plainly compromised by the CCP

Against this background, the Trump indictment—which is likely to be thrown out in due time—appears to be a planned distraction


Pence’s DOA Presidential Campaign


Pence has shown himself to be an all-in believer in the power and wisdom of the GOPe

donor/consultant class

  • May serve him well financially, but he will NEVER be supported by the MAGA base

Turning against Trump:

  • J6/Trump’s words ‘endangered my family’
  • Will not assert executive privilege in Special Counsel investigation of Trump

ØIf Pence really believes in what he is doing and saying, he has horrible, tone-deaf judgment

ØIf Pence doesn’t believe in what he is doing and saying, but is acting as instructed by the GOPe donor/consultant class, he is an extraordinarily weak and small man

         Pence has NO chance whatsoever in an honest GOP presidential primary election


Fauci’s Flop: Door-to-Door Jab-Selling


Fauci PR stunt in NYC goes awry; ‘everyday people’ have learned:

  • Covid was never as lethal as portrayed
  • Vaccines were not thoroughly tested
  • Vaccines have not been effective
  • “Died suddenly” and ‘excess mortality’ and declining birth rate data is spreading

Even Fauci’s offer of $$$ as inducement to take the vaccine….rejected by ‘man on the street’

Fauci apparently still believes he will never be held accountable for his pandemic decisions

Fauci is in for an unpleasant surprise:

  • Americans will NOT forget the lockdowns they were forced to endure
  • Americans will NOT forget the treatments they were prevented from accessing

            Holding Fauci accountable is the best protection against future pandemic abuse