Why It Matters – The March 21st Show

Why It Matters – The March 21st Show

WHY a Trump Prayer Call?


Jackson Lahmeyer/Clay Clark organize prayer call on eve of possible Trump arrest

  • 3,000 pastors on the call
  • First cutoff of call right as Trump is asked what he seeks prayer for…
  • In re-connected call, Trump calls for prayer for the safety and security of America


  • The times are very serious…3,000 pastors willing to join the call!
  • Pastor Jackson Lahmeyer extremely devoted to Christian faith and its role in America
  • Leftist resistance is always, at its core, about hatred of God and Christianity
  • Trump deflects attention from personal plight to the good of the country…this is a leader

Remember the Brits’ prayers at the time of Dunkirk

Trust that prayer is answered…and changes things for the better


Attorney Costello Ruins Manhattan DA’s Day


Michael Cohen’s testimony is foundational to DA Bragg’s intended indictment of Trump

Former counsel to Michael Cohen—Bob Costello—disgusted by TV coverage of obvious lies being told by Cohen to the NY grand jury, stepped up to set the record straight

  • Testified for two hours to NY grand jury yesterday

Cohen had previously waived atty-client privilege…which allowed Costello to testify as to Cohen’s many previous statements opposite to his statements to the grand jury

  • Responsible DA’s do not build a felony indictment around the word of a proven liar

oWhat will Bragg do now?

Attorney Bob Costello deserves high praise

He doesn’t care about politics…he cares that justice be based on the truth

Bragg in a quandary…Soros paid him $1M…will he still indict?


Trump’s Arrest v Biden’s Corruption (Where’s the GOP?)


Documentary evidence now establishes CCP payoffs (>$1M) to Biden family

  • Unprecedented: the US President appears to be on the take from America’s No.1 enemy


  • Weaponized leftist legal system to indict and arrest Trump by construing $100K+ private payment as campaign finance violation…despite FEC dismissal of this exact legal theory

Very few in GOP have said anything about legal abuse by DA Bragg

…and has yet to mount a serious and obvious case for impeachment and removal of Biden

Goodness and decency of the American people dwarfs that of the nation’s ruling political class

This situation cannot be sustained; major unrest is growing

America needs a rebirth based on Freedom, and justice based on Truth


Marxist Mission: Eliminate Free Speech 


Scope of Govt intent to censor and police speech is now exposed and documented

  • Twitter files show stunning and relentless pursuit of censorship
  • Rooting out ‘anti-Ukraine’ sentiments; suppressing reasons for ‘vaccine hesitancy’
  • Extraordinary number of Former FBI agents in senior roles at Social Media companies

ØMarxism cannot survive honest competition in the ‘arena of ideas’

ØThat is why Marxism is ALWAYS accompanied by suppression of free speech


Generations of Americans MUST re-learn the absolute good that is freedom of speech

  • All people inherently value truth, and resent and disapprove of lies
  • In an environment of free speech… lies will be destroyed…truth survives and thrives

America’s drift into acceptance of Govt/Big Tech censorship MUST be reversed


Greta Thunberg Honorary Theology Doctorate 


One of the great ironies and ‘tells’ of the 21st century—

“Climate change” long ago ceased to have any connection to actual science

  • Orthodox doctrine rigidly enforced
  • Questioners of orthodoxy are ‘heretics’, expelled from the club; reputations destroyed
  • 50+ catastrophic climate change predictions that failed to materialize are not allowed to be considered as evidence the orthodox doctrine is wrong

In other words…climate change has become a fundamentalist religion, not a science

Greta Thunberg is the 20-year-old poster child for climate change alarmism

  • Not clear if she has finished high school; not clear if she knows anything but doctrine
  • Awarded honorary Doctorate of Theology from the University of Helsinki

Should be an SNL joke, but it is reality in 2023

Time for the world to wake up!