Why It Matters – The March 21st Show

Why It Matters – The March 21st Show

SCOTUS Scramble: Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson


Senator Josh Hawley stands up, but is anyone inside the Beltway listening?

  • In the midst of an era defined by moral confusion, is now the time to elevate to SCOTUS a judge demonstrably soft on child porn and sex crimes?

Sen.  Hawley is on solid ground…this is not character assassination based on fictitious narratives—as the Dems employed against Kavanaugh and Barrett—this is about Ketanji Brown Jackson’s actual words and decisions

Will any other GOP Senators stand up…or will all just go along to get along?


Hunter’s Laptop & Biden’s Departure


Original NYPost story broke in October 2020…before the election

  • 51 ‘intel officials’ then said it was likely Russian disinformation…utter lies; unconscionable behavior by officials with a sworn oath to uphold the Constitution

FBI/DOJ had the laptop LONG BEFORE the NYPost story

Hunter’s moral depravity is just one aspect of laptop contents; the explicit corruption and compromise of his father is the other…and much more important

Rampant speculation that NYT story ‘authenticating’ the laptop is in anticipation of indictment of Hunter and Dem preparation to jettison Joe from presidency…he’s simply taking down Dem prospects below the level where election fraud can protect them


Jussie OUT while J6 Defendants STILL locked up


Jussie Smollett’s hoax was intended to stoke racial division…maybe even provoke race war

…and now he may get out on ‘double jeopardy’ argument that he made a deal with a different prosecutor

Smollett released on bond after 7 days in jail

All of this while Jan. 6th defendants still in jail, often with no charges at all, and plainly engaged in nothing more than peaceful protest

Treatment of Jan. 6th defendants an absolute disgrace to the American system of justice

EVERYONE involved in perpetuating this abomination MUST be held accountable


Putin Bad & Zelenskyy Also Bad


Zelenskyy bans opposition political parties; takes over media control in Ukraine

The actions of a totalitarian dictator

Americans MUST understand this principle:  Two things can be true at the same time…

  1. Putin’s invasion is wrong
  2. Zelenskyy is NOT “Churchill in a t-shirt”

America’s national interest in Ukraine still not clear

Hunter Biden’s laptop points to massive Biden family corruption in Ukraine

Americans must insist in staying out of Ukr conflict until full transparency re Biden corruption


Phoenix-like Fauci Arises


Fauci’s recent media silence broken–

Lip service to possible ‘retirement’

Maybe pandemic is over…maybe not…and maybe more lockdowns

Fauci’s arrogance is astounding…he appears to have no concept of the unjust and unnecessary suffering his policies have DIRECTLY caused to the entire world, not just USA

History will not be kind to Anthony Fauci