Why It Matters – The March 22nd Show

Why It Matters – The March 22nd Show

“Destroy Trump” as Legal Doctrine


Special Counsel now has theory that Trump lied to his attorneys re Mar-A-Lago docs

  • Wants to break atty-client privilege…build criminal case against Trump through his attys

Data now out that shows FBI has spent 16,000 more hours investigating J6 than 2020 riots

  • 2020 riots injured 150 police officers, caused $2B in damage, 19 people killed

DOJ has stated another 1,200 indictments of J6 attendees are expected, flooding DC jails

  • This is TWO+ YEARS after the event

Add NYC DA Bragg’s ridiculous ‘case’ to all this, and any sane observer would conclude:

The determination to ‘Get Trump’ is wildly out-of-control; not evidence-based

The idea that Trump is a villain beyond any other politician is ridiculous

This is about a threat to ruling class power

and the ruling class is dishonest and vicious


Manhattan DA BRAGG Stalled?


Expected grand jury meeting for today postponed

  • Costello testimony clearly unexpected, and shook things up
  • Michael Cohen is not a reliable witness upon which to build an indictment of a President
  • Stories of exculpatory evidence withheld by Bragg adds to likely grand jury uneasiness

Polls showing Trump rising in popularity after news of pending indictment

Rising pleas for Biden to call off Bragg for the good of the country

Radical left is the dog that chased the car…and caught it

  • Perpwalk of Trump appears to be imminent, and is the dream of the radical left

….but it may make Trump too popular to cheat out of the 2024 election

Even if Bragg rethinks, Special Counsel is ready to take a different tack

Has the radical left ‘lawfare’ jumped the shark?


Dismantle the Deep State


Trump has released video of his plan to dismantle the Deep State

  • Specific, unambiguous, comprehensive…and the target is named
  • No other presidential candidate has been as targeted by the DS; none are prepared to fight it

Out-of-control, defy-the-people, power-craving Uniparty/Deep State are America’s enemy

  • Is it a fool’s errand to take them on?

America’s founding was premised on the demand for self-government by the people

  • NOT government by elitists out of touch with the people

Are we in the midst of the Second American Revolution?

Are we still the people with the spirit to insist that govt of, by and for the people

“…shall not perish from the earth”?


Jazz & Trans as Torture


Story of ‘Jazz’ now spreading…boy turned into a girl with ‘penile inversion’ surgery

  • Jazz now laments ‘not myself’…uncomfortable with identity

Dylan Mulvaney also going viral…boy dancing around in schoolgirl dress

  • Nothing courageous about this (Kamala Harris wrote otherwise); just mental illness indulged

18 year old trans victim now suing Kaiser Permanente for surgery performed at age 13

All of these cases are adding to overwhelming evidence that trans-motivated surgeries performed on children are simply evil—

  • They represent child abuse, not child ‘care’…humoring this fantasy is deeply harmful

The entire ‘trans-humanism’ concept is morally untethered and dangerous

…Even for adults

Why the sudden rush to embrace it?