Why It Matters – The March 22nd Show

Why It Matters – The March 22nd Show

Trump Launches, Biden Languishes


Big Tech censorship is effectively gutting the First Amendment

  • On the most ubiquitous of public speech platforms, Americans are not allowed

to say what they think; they are allowed to speak only if they agree with what

Big Tech censors think

Trump reportedly actively engaged in establishing a new social media platform…really

just reinstating Americans’ First Amendment right to freedom of speech

CONTRAST Joe Biden – Falling going  upstairs of Air Force One; wandering around Marine One; issuing a fake ‘chopper presser’ video:  THIS IS WHAT THE 25th AMENDMENT IS FOR

But an entire political movement fears acting too soon will draw too much attention to how unfit Biden was before the election…and so the federal govt and MSM will continue propping up lies about Biden’s mental health—endangering every American


Tin-Wrapped Illegals & Border Cages


Truth at and about absolute chaos on southern border is being actively suppressed and distorted

  • MSM feigns puzzlement as to cause; WH blames Trump

No sentient American believes this nonsense; Trump was all about border security

  • Project Veritas reveals video of kids in cages
  • Raddatz interview w/Brazilian illegal immigrant: …wouldn’t have come if Trump still President
  • Biden authorizes $86M for hotel rooms for illegal border crossers?
  • Biden proposes flying southern border illegal crossers to Canadian border for processing??!!
  • Dem House passes amnesty for 4.4M; corporate America endorses…America’s low-income working families are hit hardest by Biden policies…while illegal immigrants helped

This is deliberate sabotage of America’s borders and deliberate effort to overwhelm the federal immigration system…Dems have no intention of stopping it…

and every day, more and more Americans see exactly what’s happening


Georgetown Kneelers & NCAA v. the Power of One


Georgetown basketball team kneels for the national anthem before NCAA Tourney game

Then blown out by 23 points…

GT action trendy in academia/pop culture…but does it play in the rest of America?

Evil Trump is out…BLM is honored and protected…

What is the kneeling for now?  When does it stop?  Does it ever stop?

CONTRAST:  one black Board member in one large organization says NO to the inevitable divisiveness and hatred promoted under the labels of ‘diversity and inclusion’…and his voice of one elicits private thanks from other Board members, and forces changes

American patriots must rise to push back on all the leftwing lies, NOW