Why It Matters – The March 23rd Show

Why It Matters – The March 23rd Show

Free Press and Google’s Monopoly


Fed. Judge Laurence Silberman demonstrates The Power of One in a dissenting opinion:

  • “One party control of the press and media is a threat to a viable democracy”
  • “NYT and WaPo are virtually Democrat Party broadsheets”
  • Urges SCOTUS to revisit ruling shielding media from libel/defamation liability

Silberman opinion on Dem one-party control issued roughly coincident with release of previously undisclosed documents establishing Obama admin/FTC support for Google monopoly…after Google helped Obama secure re-election

Americans are relearning their exceptional heritage:

Freedom of speech is the legal foundation of a free country

But it is forever at risk from those who crave power over others


Election Integrity Epiphany

  • Red state legislatures are writing election integrity legislation BUT refusing to address electronic election fraud, ie. hacking of voting machines to flip votes. WHY? Failure to act makes no sense…

Is there a GOP ruling/donor class mission to downplay election fraud, and to silence talk of hacking voting machines, so the ruling class can permanently marginalize Trump & convince his voters he was wrong about election?

Consider that prominent GOP folks support Trump haters

  • Paul Ryan commits to a fund-raiser for Liz Cheney – a hate-Trumper
  • Karl Rove commits to a fund-raiser for Adam Kinzinger – a hate-Trumper
  • RNC rarely fought for Trump while he was president
  • Talk of electronic election fraud extends Trump’s viability, SO IT SHALL NOT BE DISCUSSED.
  • And if that means that the American people must accept rigged future elections…so be it

Refusing to address electronic election fraud in lawmaking

Doesn’t make it go away…

Whose “side” are the legislatures on? The people or the ruling class?