Why It Matters – The March 23rd Show

Why It Matters – The March 23rd Show

“Elections Matter” Update


Evidence of widespread, intentional, surreptitious, 2020 election fraud is mounting.

  • Wisconsin: Former state supreme court justice Gableman found such extensive fraud that he recommended the legislature decertify the election, and wrote that the State AG and Elections Commission “actively resisted and obstructed his investigation.”
  • Arizona: A newly released forensic report shows massive manipulated voter files in Mesa County AZ, and that a second illegal database was secretly installed in machines.
  • Georgia: Elections Board granted SOS Raffensperger subpoena power to secure ballot harvesting evidence after suit points out 40% of unknown ballot harvesters dropped ballots between midnight and 5am.

Question the motives of ANYONE who scoffs at claims of election fraud.

Honest patriots of both parties want truth, and

secure, transparent, honest elections.


Down-Under Lands Dropping Covid Mandates


Australia launches NEW tourism campaign! Turns out that the government locking up unvaccinated citizens, shooting rubber bullets at the unmasked in the streets, and imposing draconian lockdowns on the public, were a HUGE drag on tourism.  Not to mention these measures led to unhappy citizens, protesters, and voters. PM Scott Morrison is on the mission:  Encourage tourists, and drop the vax requirements.

Same song, different verse for New Zealand. Kiwi leader PM Jacinda Ardern announces vax passes are now dropped, mandates lifted, and life freed up. Case numbers may still be very high, but tolerance for tyranny is very, very low. Freedom lovers win.

Lessons learned:  Tyranny lasts as long as citizens let it last.  Covid gave power-hungry and wannabe tyrants an excuse to take away freedom. 

Great reminder for freedom lovers to be vigilant.


Gender Deniers’ Damaging Delusions


The distinctions between men and women are factual, biological, and real. Women have XX chromosomes, and men have XY chromosomes. What you believe does not change what you are.  The fact that some adults choose to try to switch genders, does not change this basic truth of life. We can be tender and supportive of everyone, without denying this truth.

If a Supreme Court candidate does not know this and cannot agree that men and women are different, she or he is out of touch with reality, has drunk the Kool-Aid of truth-denial about gender, and should not serve on the court.

This is not an abstract intellectual discussion.

  • Denying the reality of two genders cheats women athletes of victories, and robs them of the protections our laws gave them to access college sports.
  • Advocacy to vulnerable young people to convince them they can be any one of the 52 genders they want to be, by simply choosing, indulges in falsehood, and often harms and confuses them.
  • Parents, not schools, need to be the primary caretakers for children on these topics.