Why It Matters – The March 23rd Show

Why It Matters – The March 23rd Show

Dems Stall Virus Aid


  • Rahm Emanuel’s “never let a crisis go to waste” ethos is embedded in Democrat politics,

…and it is disgraceful

  • McConnell is right: This is not a political opportunity; it’s a national emergency
  • Pelosi injecting Planned Parenthood funding and college loan forgiveness into virus relief?
  • Even the NYT’s first instinct was to be turned off by Dem behavior

Americans are watching, and they will remember in November

Dems playing politics at a time of fear will backfire, big time


Truth About Trump and Virus Response


The “damned if he does, damned if doesn’t” hysteria has gone way overboard

Facts are stubborn things…

  • WHO said coronavirus no big deal on January 14
  • Trump blocked China flights on January 31…condemned as racist and xenophobic
  • For three years…Trump is Hitler! Dictator! Fascist!
  • Now, for being reticent to invoke full DPA powers: Not acting enough like a dictator!

The relentlessness and vitriol of the attacks on Trump are feeding Americans’ suspicions about agendas at work in stoking the virus and Destroying the economy


Fauci: Swine Flu and Hillary


Americans want their ‘experts’ to be non-partisan straight shooters

Dr. Anthony Fauci is NOT a non-partisan, straight shooter

  • Love letters to Hillary are, at best, very odd
  • Comments and handling of swine flu during Obama admin radically different than comments and handling of COVID-19 during Trump admin

Fauci may be ‘expert’ in some aspects of the COVID-19 problem, and he has the right to write love letters to whomever he wants, but his behavior does not inspire confidence that he is a non-partisan, agenda-free public servant

Trump needs to find a stronger public health spokesman, soon


Italy, America, Virus and Liberty


Americans love to vacation in Italy, BUT note:

  • Italian population older than America’s…more vulnerability
  • Italian smoking rates higher than America’s…more vulnerability
  • Italy embraced China’s Belt and Road Initiative years ago; now…

300,000 Chinese workers in Northern Italy textile industries, many from Wuhan

  • PC attitudes in Italy (Florence mayor’s ‘hug-a-Chinese’ idiocy) promoted virus spread

America’s local govt officials are driven by fear of legal liability, and are erring on the side of ‘shelter-in-place’ and other extreme orders, but the data to back them up is still weak compared even to other recent flu seasons

         Expect the American love of freedom to rise and resist the shutdowns