Why It Matters – The March 24th Show

Why It Matters – The March 24th Show

Marc Elias & Democracy Docket


  • Elias/Perkins Coie law firm involved in HRC/Steele Dossier
  • Elias’ “Democracy Docket” attacks voter ID and other election administration laws that reduce election fraud; argues they are unconstitutionally restrictive…

200 suits filed prior to November 2020 election; largely successful for Elias

  • Elias now leading House effort to disqualify Iowa Congresswoman’s election, and signaling use of this tactic to unseat future elected Republicans

HYPOCRISY ON STEROIDS:  Using House to dispute state-certified election results while arguing for expulsion of US Senators for disputing state-certified election results

The left is never about principle; the left is about acquiring all power

Good news: Democracy Docket now being opposed on a more organized basis


Atlanta & Colorado Shootings


Atlanta shooting:  crazed sex addict takes out anger on massage workers he blames for his addition, killing 8, of whom 6 were Asian:

Media LIE:  shooting evidences anti-Asian violence; Trump’s fault, America is deeply flawed

Truth:  Absolutely ZERO evidence of racial motivation; actual statement from perpetrator denies any race-based motivation; America’s record of Asian assimilation is extraordinary and good (though Biden admin signals support of Harvard’s overtly anti-Asian admission policies)

Colorado shooting:  disaffected Muslim with pro-ISIS leanings and overt anti-Trump hatred

Media LIE:  scrubs perpetrator’s own statements evidencing Islamic influence

Malignant MSM lying on full display—doing extraordinary harm to America

            Fabricating a motive in Atlanta; hiding and denying a motive in Colorado